Are you a fitness freak? Or are you a couch potato? You might have experienced some body parts pain suddenly. It may be because of rigorous exercise or just quickly bending or getting up. What will you do for such pain? Well, you would go to a medical shop and buy an OTC painkiller. To be honest, this is not a right solution for that. In fact, there are numerous studies showing that the painkiller can actually damage your body. The first part to get affected by the painkiller is your kidney. Regular use of painkillers can damage your kidneys permanently. What could be the solution then? That is where the physio and the physiotherapy get in.

Everything You Need To Know About A Physio And The Therapy

What is physiotherapy?

It is a healthcare profession. In physiotherapy, they assess, treat, and diagnose the disability through physical means. In simple terms, they use your physical movements to correct the pain. No funny stuff, no side effects. They will make you alright by using your own body. Physiotherapy can help you recover from pain, injury, and it also increases mobility.

The sorts of treatments’ physiotherapy use
Physio’s are trained to access your condition. They will come to know about your problem clearly, and then they diagnose the problem and help you understand the problem.

These are the common methods they may use:
– They creates exercise programs to improve the muscle strength and improve mobility.

– Join manipulation to reduce the stiffness and pain

– Re-educating your muscle to regain control.

– Breathing exercises for airway clearance

– Hydrotherapy

– Soft-tissue mobilization through massage.

– Acupuncture

– They may also ask you to use the assistance with use of splints, aids, walking sticks, crutches, and wheelchairs.

Everything You Need To Know About A Physio And The Therapy

How a physical therapy treats pain?

Well, the goal is to target the pain muscle area and to improve the strength and remove the stiffness of joint to work better. You can visualize it like a PT and a super-fast workout. However, you will not shed any calories by doing this.

The PT session will be somewhat like this:

  • Pain relief exercises

The moves here will be focused on the pain areas. It will reduce the pain and make you stronger and flexible. You can live a life with ease.

  • Strengthening exercises

You will be asked to do some work out in the physio office. They may use resistance bands, or they may even use your own body weight for this exercise. You will be asked to work on your core muscles and other parts of the body.

  • Stretching:

Well, this is the area they focus on. Stretching is easy and most people will not be uncomfortable to do it. Everyone will be happy to do it. Even old age people can do it. That is the main reason they focus on stretching. This is like warming up your body.

Everything You Need To Know About A Physio And The Therapy

Where can you find a physiotherapist?

You can find them in private hospitals, public hospitals, sports clubs, rehabilitation centers and community health centers.

The qualification of a physiotherapist

The physiotherapist course is all around the world. The entry to that may be through the bachelor or master in a doctorate program. A physio is required to register in law with the Physiotherapists Registration Board, in the territory in which they are practicing.

The areas of treatment:

Physio treats the pain in the following parts.

  1. Head
  2. Neck
  3. Back
  4. Shoulder
  5. Knee
  6. Patellofemoral Pain

What are the general injuries and conditions?

The general injuries include: Arthritis, Ankle sprain, Depression, Sports injury & Diabetes. In essence, you must go with an expert physio who can heal any injuries and pain in your body without any side effects.

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