The importance of backing up critical data to online channels has gained popularity over time which means that service providers have increased too. IBM High Availability as a Service being a powerful solution for business continuity, there is need to get it from service providers who will do it right.

What does it entail?

IBM HAaas is a package that provides resolutions for post disaster recovery. This involves role swapping of a user’s organizational environment to a cloud-based environment. The cloud-based environment is the target environment where critical files will be transferred. Key elements of the service are processes, organization and technology.

What to consider when picking out this service

No tape-based storage

Tape backups are so outdated in this era and you should avoid services that offer you this style. Although tapes can be used by medium sized organizations, it is quite slow in backup and restoration. Another issue associated with tape backups is that it is subject to error since it is conducted manually.

Performance assessment

Online backups need assessment time and again to verify their performance. Doing so ensures that your data will be safe even after a disaster. Always go for services that have performance assessment as a feature in the package.

Improved RTO

RTO is the Recovery Time Objective which is a key requirement. Reduced recovery time is important because immediately after the disaster, business should go back to normal. Opt for services which cut down the RTO to almost a half of the required time your organization can stay without service. With this, you will be back on your feet before you know it.

Improved RPO

Recovery Point Objective is the maximum period by which an organization’s data may be lost following a major disruption. Like that of RTO, this business continuity planning solution can be improved if the best service is sought.

Flexible budget

Services with some budget allowance are friendlier than those that have fixed prices. Flexible budgets allow you to spend in relation to your affordability. If you can only afford to secure few assets through IBM High Availability as a Service, then it should allow you to do so.

Interruption free operations

Do not fall for any service before getting to interact with it. This is because you may fail to notice some of its shortcomings. Ensure that the service you settle for offers thorough documentation as well as testing. While the test is ongoing there should be no interruptions if it is a good service.

Multitasking capabilities

The service you opt for should be able to offer more than disaster recovery solutions. When selectingIBM High Availability as a service, ensure best practices mainstream throughout the IT system.

Tips for users

With your online backup solution, always;

  • Test your backed up files just to be sure they are in good shape which isto assessthem before retrieval
  • Store your backup offsite. This ensures that even after an incident like fire occurs, you will still have your data intactNo other time than this consider such a service. Contact your experts now.