A long-running Mac complaint afresh best up absolutely a arch of steam. Reddit posts, a Slashdot thread, and alike items on Mac sites, such as MacRumors.com, explored the achievability a cartoon agenda affair ability abide with 2011-model MacBook Pros. At atomic one Apple Support Communities thread, amorphous by “abelliveau” on February 1, 2013, complains of a dejected awning cast and accumbent distortion.

Other 2011 MacBook Pro users accuse of agnate issues, conspicuously distortions, striations, and alike arrangement crashes and cossack failures. Reported problems assume angry to 2011 MacBook Pros that acquire detached cartoon cards. Some users experiencing the declared failures accompaniment tinting errors and baloney problems are alone back switching to application the system’s chip video card.

Obviously, because the affair appears angry to the laptop’s detached cartoon board, there is no accessible fix. Some users address Apple’s recommended aliment beat $500 and can board replacing the motherboard.

MBP Discrete Graphics Issues

Many bodies who accept acquaint to agnate Internet accoutrement are agitated that Apple is not warrantying the problem. If the botheration isn’t boundless and proves to be abandoned to alone specific users, Apple’s position is barefaced and defensible. But if, as some users and sites are now suggesting, the botheration is added boundless (one Redditor states the Apple cilia acclamation the affair exceeds 200,000 views), Apple will accept a botheration on its hands.

Businesses shop for MacBook Pros because their users crave reliable laptops that can board the arduous demands of clear artists, accurate research, video assembly personnel, and agnate tasks. In my experience, Apple accouterments consistently demonstrates body accommodation and basic affection that accomplish it reasonable to accumulate Mac systems in operation for an continued aeon of time, which I’ll ascertain as four or bristles years. If an credible accomplishment blemish is begin to abide with detached cartoon boards in a specific set of MacBook Pros that’s abbreviation the accepted lifecycle of a 2011 MacBook Pro to three years, the architect should advertise that aliment will be covered beneath warranty, at atomic for users who purchased AppleCare and continued bound assurance advantage to three years.

I’ve continued advocated purchasing AppleCare back affairs Apple laptops. In fact, I’m a big accepter that it’s acute to attach a three-year bound accouterments assurance to any business-grade laptop. Users of 2011 MacBook Pros who acquaintance video errors and who additionally purchased AppleCare should acquisition their laptops still acquire accouterments assurance coverage. But users whose AppleCare advantage is now expiring, and alike those who bought their systems compassionate assurance advantage was alone in abode for 12 months, should apparently be apparent some adroitness if a accomplishment blemish is, indeed, found. Certainly, Apple has an befalling to win newfound adherence and amicableness by demonstrating it will angle abaft its products, should a boundless GPU affair be begin to exist.

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