In a world in which public resources like roads, commercial buildings, and parks are shared, conflict is inevitable. Often than most, another person’s actions might lead to an inconvenience to you, in form of injury.

Causes of Personal Injury

  • Car collision
  • Car accident involving pedestrian or cyclist
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Premises liability (e.g. fall from a slippery floor)
  • Product liability (injury from defective products)
  • Wrongful death claims
  • Intentional torts (e.g. battery, assault, etc.)

Each case and scenario is different and unique, dictated by the specific events that led to it. As the victim of the injury, the frustrations that follow are sometimes unspeakable. They could be physical pain, psychological torture (trauma), inflating medical bills, incapacitation, large case costs, and mechanic bills for your vehicle, among others. Such inconveniences are viable for compensation by law.

Get Compensated For Injury by Personal Injury Attorneys

Seek Legal Representation

The law exists to serve justice to life, property and liberty. As a victim of injury, it’s your right to seek representation and council for compensation. It is advised that you look for an attorney that has lots of experience in handling personal injury cases and one with a great track record to show for it. After all, you want to win the case. If you are looking for a personal accident lawyer, Accident Attorney George Bochanis can help.

Your personal injury attorney can help you accomplish lots of things. First, you get to seek justice for all the harm caused to you. Secondly, you get compensation for any financial, emotional, and psychological injuries you may have sustained. And this can extend to potential loss of income as well.

Here’s a closer look at the different personal injury cases you may be dealing with:

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Lots of motor vehicle accident cases occur as a result of negligent drivers, bad road signs, and other factors. Your attorney will dig deep into the case to find out where the legal liability lies as well as fight for any and all compensation on the financial and psychological impact the accident has on you.

Personal Injury

These involve injury to a person that leads to a physical, psychological, emotional and/or financial strain. It could be injury from dog bites, consumption of defective products, a slip and fall from a slippery floor or road accidents in general. Even malicious attacks from your boss or co-worker might apply here. Defective products that cause you harm apply too.

Workers Compensation

When you are injured or temporarily incapacitated from performing your work duties, your attorneys will fight for your insurance benefits for the period you are unable to work. And this could be as a result of a wide range of causes, e.g. unsafe working environments, neglect, malice, lack of proper working tools, lack of adequate training, etc.

You don’t have to suffer alone, get professional representation from personal injury lawyers and enjoy some reprieve. The compensation may not turn back the hand of time but it can help to make life a little more bearable.  

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