What do people usually do in the USA to make holiday for their families? Of course, they have no time to travel a lot. The typical American vacation lasts for two weeks. That’s why Americans like short vacations. You know, it’s like driving your car somewhere for the weekend to spend it wisely. There are many different opportunities in America. The Jeep car rental locations in USA offer their competent services all over the country here and there. This is a car to get anywhere. Just put your luggage, take your family and go for the miles away.

The Initiator



Sport takes the meaningful role for Americans. People used to go in sport since their childhood. They have an opportunity to choose any sport they like, including team sports, single sports, extreme sports, water sports and competitions. People like sport and sport games. If the weather and climate is good, American youth like to go surfing, yachting, diving and other sea attractions. Americans also like cycling. They used to wear bright sport clothes to look great!


Americans like making picnics and BBQ dishes. Traditionally, the family gathers together for picnic to relax, talk and have fun all together. Americans are fond of tasty food. They also like cooking dishes from all over the world. There are many cafes and restaurants in the USA, where you can find different dishes, even the most exotic ones.

Music Shows

There is one more attraction that Americans usually like. They like participating in the musical show. People of all ages and nationalities are good in music. The young people make their musical groups and bands in the garage.


American people like dancing. It doesn’t matter what age, weight and forms they have. You can meet a lot of aged people who like dancing, visiting music clubs and concerts.

Arts and Galleries

The next interesting attraction is visiting galleries. American people like hand-made crafts, paints, and other creations. They are fond of visiting galleries to learn culture. You can often meet the café with the small exhibition inside.


Americans like their nature. Every American city, no matter big or small, has a big park. It is always full of people, who are sitting on the grass, running, cycling or walking. They had picnic every weekend and this tradition is amazing! You can also climb up the mountains and take some fresh air.


Computer Sports

There are many people, who prefer computer sport to traditional sport. Americans like computer games more than watching TV. Of course, young people of all countries like spending their time at the computer.

Traditional American Attractions

Of course, you can try something traditional in America. For example, the most of Americans like rodeo, where they can play cowboy games, ride a horse or bull.


Americans like different competitions on different occasions. How about the john racing? Yeah, Americans like racing, seating on the toilet bowls! You can observe this exciting activity in Baltimore. How can you do that? Just put the wheels to your toilet and go ahead! There is another example from Arizona! Aged people can make you crazy! Thus, you can see the local swimming team of aged women in the original costumes with the branching horns of their heads. The most of aged people in America think of their future and enjoy their life.

At a smalltown rodeo (17)

Cedar Point Fun Fair

This is one of the oldest amusement parks in the USA. The park welcomes visitors since 1892. By the way, Cedar Point boasts the big number of different attractions (more than 70). For example, Skyhawk is the highest swing set in the world (31 meter). You can fly up the ground for 35 meters. Pay attention to the Power Tower that takes you up and down the ground at a high speed. Finally, there is Magnum XL-200 and Millenium Force. It is really scaring to ride them all. It is better to think twice.

Everglades Safari Park

The main advantage of this natural zone is alligators. You can see the crocodiles on a farm and in the natural living area. If you like extreme attractions, you can buy the hydroplane tour for 200 USD. This is your chance to fly up and see the crocodiles from the height. You are in safe here. If you want to learn more information about the crocodiles, you should go to the farm to have an opportunity to feed the crocodiles.

Malibu Beaches

Malibu beaches are the most popular beaches in California. They are the favorite place for all cinema stars and celebrities. The world popular actors and actresses live in the ritzy villas on the beach. You can rent the villa for summer if you have enough money. Nevertheless, the best beaches are spread over the area of Santa Monica.


The word of attractions is created for kids. It looks like a big kindergarten with Mickey Mouse and other cartoon characters. You should not go there with the company of friends. You can go with your family and kids. If you want to travel in the company of your friends, it is better to go to the Universal Studio. The entertainment complex consists of two parts – popular all over the world Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure. They both are big. It takes you a day to learn everything there. It is better to book a hotel room beforehand.

Disneyland 2011

Tarzan’s Lair, Peter Pen’s Carousel, Tom Sawyer’s Island, Sleeping Beauty’s Palace – kids like these attractions. You can take your adult kids to the Space Mountain or Matterhorn. They are really scaring! So, if you are going to visit Disneyland, you should hire a car. This amusement park is situated 45 kilometers from Los Angeles. It takes about 40 minutes by car. By the way, Americans prefer travelling by car. They take their cars to travel with comfort, make stops and change their routs to one or another direction. Tourists also prefer hiring a car if they are going to travel around the city or country.

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