Age spots are brown or black flat spots appear on the skin. These marks occur on areas where sun is exposed too much. Age spots are known as liver spots, solar lentigines, sun spots and senile lentigo. These are the result of excess production of skin pigment known as melanin. Even doctors do not know why these develop. Sun exposure, skin aging and other forms of UV light exposure like tanning beds are the possible causes of age spots. People are highly like to develop these age signs on the skin that captures the most sun rays including the face, shoulder, back of the hands, upper back and forearms. People of any sex, race or age can develop these dark spots on skin. However, it is common in people who have met the following circumstances. People who have fairer skin and who is being older than forty years are high likely to get age spots. People who have history of frequent use of tanning bed and sun exposure suffer from age spots.

Factors Causing Age Spots

How can be Age Spots Treated:

Age spots do not cause health problems and they are not dangerous. Treatment for age spot removal is not necessary unless people find the meet the necessity to have beautiful skin. Many people hate the way their skin looks. So, they try different methods to remove age spots. When they consult a doctor they may be prescribed some bleaching creams for fading the spots gradually. These creams usually contain hydroquinone either with or without tretinoin or other retinoids. Bleaching creams take many months to fade away the spots. They will have to use sunscreen lotions all the time during the skincare regimen. But they have to keep in mind that tretinoin and bleaching creams can make their skin highly sensitive to UV rays. Even there are many medical procedures available to remove age spots. Each of them has its own risk of complications and side effects. People can ask their dermatologist about the procedure that suits their skin type.

Natural Way to Treat Age Spots

People can find some natural substances to remove and fade away the age spots naturally. They can use certain essential oils to fix the skin problems. Tea tree oil is used in removing the acne. It is also being used in age spot removal. The cicatrisant property of this essential oil has the ability to reduce the spots and scars that are left by boils, skin and other skin conditions. People who are concerned about their skin health must contact their physician. Let us see how to use tea tree oil to treat aging signs. Take 10 or 20 drops of this oil and mix with the bottle containing jojoba oil. Shake the bottle well for few minutes to let the oils mixed well. Jojoba oil can help in reducing the production of oil on skin. Next wash the face using a mild cleanser and let it dry. Then use the oil dipped cotton swap to apply the essence over the age spots. Leave it for few minutes, wipe it off and apply a moisturizer. 

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