Everyone would love to live a healthier lifestyle if it was that easy. You could just wake up the next day and your whole lifestyle has been improved without you having to go through any difficult mental or physical battles of willpower. If only it was that easy!

If you want to improve your lifestyle but you are finding it difficult to make that step then you probably need to have tangible incentives to work for. If health improvements appeal to you but aren’t enough to get you limbering up for an exercise session, then you probably need to start thinking about the impact you make on your bank account balance.

Here are some ways that you can potentially save money whilst improving your heath:

  • Give up smoking. You don’t have to go cold turkey, you can substitute smoking for using a vape pen or even a desktop vaporizer, there are so many alternative options available to smoking these days. When you consider the long-term savings that you could make, this should give you that extra incentive to switch over. E-cigarettes are claimed to be 95% less harmful than normal cigarettes.

The cost of buying cigarettes seems to increase frequently, so opting for a cheaper solution could save you thousands in the long-run if you are a heavy smoker.

  • Walk instead of drive. Doing a moderate amount of walking each week has large health benefits. Unfortunately, most people get into the habit of jumping into the car for short journeys instead of going by foot. A couple of miles walk can seem to some like an epic event but when you start doing it, you will find it gets to become part of your routine and you will get a number of mental wellbeing benefits from it as well. Fuel costs a lot of money these days and short journey are said to use up a lot of fuel, so if you can start walking for some of those shorter journeys, you will find that the savings soon start to add up.

Get Healthy and Save Money At The Same Time

  • Home cooked meals. If you like to eat out and get takeaways, then this is another way that you can change your lifestyle and save yourself a large amount of money. If you spend £20 per week on takeaway food, that is over £1000 per year. If you can master cooking your favorite meal at home, with the ingredients that you can monitor (you really have no idea what goes into takeaway food), then you can start saving quickly ad probably lose weight along the way too. You might struggle to make this change if you really look forward to a takeaway meal but as long as you really enjoy the food that you cook at home, then you should be able to make the transition. You could go on holiday for the amount that is spent over a year!

There are numerous ways that you can start saving money and boost your lifestyle, so start calculating your potential savings and set up a reward system to keep you motivated and stay on track.

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