Managed IT services are the practice of outsourcing on a proactive basis management responsibilities and functions and a strategic method for improving operations and cutting expenses. It appears as an alternative option to the on demand outsourcing model where the service provider platforms on demand services. The client and managed service provider are bound by a contractual, service level agreement which states the performance and quality metrics of their relationship. Adopting managed services is an efficient way to stay up to date on technology. It has access to necessary skills and address range of issues related to cost, quality of service and risk. The evolution of MSP started around 1990 with the emergence of application service providers who helped the way for remote support for IT infrastructure. There are various applications in managed IT services.

They are

  • Future Proof Services

Leading managed service providers should use the best technologies and equipment on the market to deliver services.

  • Low Capital Outlay And Predictable Monthly Costs:

The investment in specialist hardware and software will be high. A managed service offers highest quality enterprise and carrier grade solutions to customers. A fixed monthly payment plan means that you will know what you are going to get through and how much it is going to cost over the contract. There will never be any unexpected charges or changes in charges.

  • Flexible Service:

Managed IT services in 1iX Network Solutions are provided over a single converged connection results in cost savings on infrastructure. There is additional productivity and efficiency benefits in fact that remote staff’s workings from home have access to all data applications.

  • Highly Resilient And Secure Infrastructure:

A managed service provider data centers and managed network infrastructure is much more robust than a standard enterprise IT support.

  • Expertise:

By selecting managed services, you can access to staff with specialist skills. You can save the expenses of training your staff for skills.

  • Increased Service Levels:

Managed IT services provide greater control of service levels. With service level agreements in place, you can be ensured with the service continuity. A managed IT service company will offer 24 * 365 supports.

  • Disaster Recovery And Business Continuity:

They have designed networks and resilient to maintain business continuity. One can enjoy with the advantage of significance or importance of investment. Your data will be safe.

  • Green and Lean:

By centralizing critical business systems within data centers and running your applications on a virtual platform, your business can be benefitted with huge power savings.

Deborah Phillipeck is the owner of 1iX Network Solutions, an Atlanta-based concierge IT company. Her company has been helping small and medium sized businesses with their IT needs for over 20 years.