Everyone knows that the best time for vacation is summer! It is also a good season for getting out of the noisy city with your family for fishing, hiking, swimming, and boating. So, let’s go camping! How? It’s very easy to go camping if you pick the right and comfortable van or minivan from the car rental service on your location. It’s not a problem to book it online with Rental24 mobile app. There are many interesting activities for campers you can take with the whole family. You should also realize that camping is also good for your health. Want to know why?

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Why Camping is Healthy?

Fresh Air

The benefits of spending time outside are clear enough: boosting immune system, normalizing blood. No doubts, the oxygen level in your organism becomes higher, improving your health benefits.


Every day you spend much time at your computer. Take your chance to spend your time with people by talking, dancing, singing, playing, having fun. Communication is very important, especially face to face communication.

Physical Activity

Camping gives you a unique opportunity to be healthier. You should go boating, play sports, swim. These exercises make your body stronger. Your heart and lungs especially feel it.


Spending much time outside makes your body healthier. Give your body take some Vitamin D from the sun.

No Stress

Going for camping at least for a couple of days, you have a chance to take some rest from your everyday problems, think of nothing or something pleasant and watch your problems from different sides. It is a nice opportunity to recover from stress.

Healthy Food

Of course, camping means a big fire. You have to cook mostly grilled food. It can be vegetables, fruits, meat, salads, everything that promotes so-called healthy-eating.

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Right Car for Camping

If you want to spend your vacation time in comfort, it is better to take a good car for rent. What cars are the most popular to rent for camping? It is very important to pick the best car according to your budget, number of people and other individual requirements. Let your car trip be the best you’ve ever had!

Nissan X-Trail

Going for a trip outdoors, you should pay attention to many different factors, including weather. Your car must be your best friend and protector on that period. Pick Nissan X-Trail and bad weather cannot spoil your vacation. You can easily camp in the car. This is a car of seven comfortable seats that are also good for night sleep for 3 more people. If you have a tent, you can spend night in it, sleeping tight, because your reliable SUV will always help you if it rains or storm.

Audi Q3

This car looks like a good reliable vehicle, but it definitely doesn’t look like a good car for outdoors. Definitely, the car is good and pleasant. Don’t worry! The car accessories give you a good opportunity to go camping. Thus, you may use special car tent to attach to your car back and live there. Three of you can sleep in the car salon. Want more space? You can use a tent and put is close to your car. Nevertheless, the car is not the best variant for any Alpine expeditions. It’s better to use it on flat surfaces for fast driving.

Audi RS Q3 performance


Jeep Renegade

This car looks absolutely reliable and strong for camping. You can live in the car or use additional tent. There is enough space for four people inside, including their stuff. The cabin is simple but stylish. The car is big in size and seems to be reliable for off-road condition.


This car model is very popular to take it for camping. Sometimes, you may see the caravan of BMW going somewhere in the forest one by one. Why BMW? First of all, the car diesel works surprisingly Secondly, the car can be a good house for your family in the wood. You can find enough space for people to sleep in the cabin and more people to live in the tent.

BMW X5 (E70, Facelift) – Heckansicht, 1. Mai 2012, Wülfrath


Ariel Nomad

Is it good for camping? Of course, it is good! Look! Ariel car is perfect for extreme driving and outdoors activities. Due to its unique design and engine power the car is able to go everywhere! You cannot take many people inside, but you can take a car and make a caravan of them. Sleep in the car? Not this time. Nevertheless, this is the best variant to go somewhere for a long distance to stay in the tent nearby. Ariel is speedy, compact and powerful! One more thing, you can find only minimal storage space for camping kit, but this is also a good chance to use your brain and skills to make all you need from the local flora.

Ariel Atom


There are many people who prefer spend their holidays or weekends outdoors. Nevertheless, the most of the people still needs comfortable conditions for travelling. It’s like you want to have a roof and food altogether. Make your trip comfortable with the cars from the list above. Sometimes, it is even more comfortable than a cheap hotel or tent! Have some free time? Jump in your car and go camping! It’s really healthy!

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