Also known as the jewel of Kedah, Langkawi is the perfect place to spend some time away from home. The 99 islands that make up Langkawi are filled with many awesome attractions. From the beaches to the rainforests, rocks, jungles and waterfall, you will not fall short of things to do here. There is so much to do but here are the best five that should not miss on your to do list.

Street food at the night markets

A Night Market Food Stand in Taiwan

Every single day there is a night market in Langkawi that starts at around 5p.m. Although the locations change from day to day, the markets are all about food. On Mondays the market is at Ulu Melaka, Kedawang on Tuesdays, Kuah Town on Wednesdays, Pantai Cenang on Thursdays, Ayer Hangat on Fridays, Kuah Town on Saturdays and Padang Matsirat on Sundays.

The food sold at these night markets is delicious and super cheap. It is the best way to try the local food and appreciate the Langkawi cuisine. There is a wide range of foods you can find. These include seafood, ice tea, samosas, salad, fruits and many more. Try the nasi kerabu and you will love it.



If you love water sports then you will love the Tanjung Rhu Island in Langkawi. This island is the best place for parasailing thanks to the winds. The companies that guide you are very reputable and you can be sure of your safety. Even if you are scared of heights you need to try parasailing and conquer your fears. The view you will get from up there is breathtaking and worth a try.

Langkawi SkyCab and SkyBridge


These are the best ways to see the beauty of Langkawi. The SkyCab will take you up the steep side of the Machinchang Mountain with a stop at a view point and across the valley thento the next peak where a bigger and better viewpoint awaits. There are different cable cars you can choose depending on your budget. They include the glass bottom one, private and the communal cble car.

Yet another place that will allow you to see the beauty of Langkawi is the SkyBridge. This is the longest curved and free span bridge in the world. Take a walk across it and you will see the marvels of nature.

Mangrove tour at Kilim Geopark

Boat ride at Kilim Geopark

In Langkawi mangroves are not just trees. They are also a reminder of the area’s history. In 2004 when a tsunami hit the Sumatra coast, the mangrove trees protected the island. So, aboard a boat and see what the Kilim Geoprak has to offer. You will not only see mangroves but breathtaking landscape features, sea life forms and beaches. There are some unique eateries in there as well.

Island hoping Jet Ski Tour


Have you ever ridden a jet ski? If yes then you know how fun it is! If not, do not leave Langkawi without trying. It is a great activity to do in the area. You can travel from one island to the other by air. The view from up there is one to die for and the satisfaction you will feel at the end of the ride is unmeasurable.

Langkawi has much more to offer but be sure to try the above activities when there to make your trip a memorable one. To ease movement in the area be sure to rent a car at the Langkawi airport as soon as you land. Enjoy your stay and have fun!

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