The purpose the global agricultural corporation Syngenta is to “apply world-class science to develop crop protection products and seeds” since its foundation in 2000. With its headquarters in Switzerland, it is one of the worldwide leaders in the industry with more than 28,000 employees in 90 different countries.

This company has the largest and most interdisciplinary portfolio in today’s agriculture industry, with the goal of meeting the present and future demands of our global food supply by integratingfields such as biotechnology, chemistry, and genetics, all while maintaining a commitment to sustainable agriculture and investing in technology and research.Theyprovide products and solutions for the protection of highly valued crops and seeds that are helping farmers around the world deal with challenges such as extreme climates, pests and diseases, and resistant weeds.

Syngenta’s“Good Growth Plan”

Every day, our planet awakens with 200,000 more mouths to feed. Every night, more than 870 million people go to bed without anything at all. Hundreds of millions more experience food insecurity and are extremely vulnerable to going hungry. There is a serious need of producing more food, and the planet’s limitedresources of soil, water, and energy are being placed under demands unlike any other time in history.

At our current rates of population growth, we will need to increase global food production by about 40% by the year 2050. Not only that, but growers are faced with increasingly complex challenges ranging from widespread droughts to herbicide-resistant weed species. Thefuture of the planet, and everyone’s future will depend on finding solutions to these global challenges. Humanity has to cultivate more without sacrificing the preservation ofnatural resources and ecosystems.

Herbicides from Syngenta

As part of their effort to help farmers around the world achieve food security for their communities, Syngenta manufactures different herbicide types which are designed to comply with many quality standards. Herbicides ensure that resources like water and soil nutrients are used as efficiently as possible, and can help manage resistant weeds when used as part of a comprehensive weed management program. Among the herbicides produced by this company, you can find:


This product is a systemic and selective post-emergence herbicide for controlling annual grass-type weeds in wheat and barley crops. AXIAL® 050 EC combines itsweed killing active substance with an antidote or protector for the wheat crop. This herbicide is rapidly absorbed by grassy weeds and translocated to the growing points, where it inhibits the enzyme Acetyl CoA Carboxylase (ACC), halting weed growth within 48 hours after application. Young leaves show chlorosis followed by necrosis. The antidoteselectively prevents phytotoxic effects on the crop by accelerating the metabolism of the active ingredient. It has no residual action.


This product is also a selective post-emergence systemic herbicide, but is used for the control of broadleaf weedsin a variety of crop types, including many grains and cereals. CAIMAN® 70 WG is rapidly absorbed by leaves, stems, growing points and roots, and it is rapidly translocated throughout the plant towards the growing points. It works as a growth regulator by altering cell division and growth, and protein synthesis, which finally causes death of the plant.


This herbicide is a selective,systemic, post-emergence, herbicide to control weeds mainly in maize cultivation, pine and eucalyptus fields, and cranberries. It is also active in soil and the higher dose has residual activity to control pre-emergent weeds.The active substance (mesotrione) is based on anaturally derived substance from thecallistemon citrinus plant. The product is absorbed by leaves and roots and works by blocking the enzyme HPPD (p-hydroxyl-phenyl-pyruvate-dehydrogenase) in an exclusive mechanism of action.

Herbicides(see more) are an important part of the agriculture industry today, and Syngenta is among the global leaders in research and technology to achieve food security for every person on our planet. see more

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