James DiMaggoi is likely to undergo a clinical test to determine paternity of Hannah Anderson and her 8-year-old brother, Ethan. Family of James suspects him to be the father of the two. He is accused and killed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation agents earlier in the woods while camping in Idaho.

James DiMaggoi kidnapped Hannah Anderson, who, lived with her mother, Christina Anderson, aged 44-year-old and brother, Ethan at San Diego. He is supposed to be their long time family friend. According to the police, the suspicion is that James had tied up Christina Anderson and her son Ethan Anderson. Unfortunately, Christina’s husband Brett Anderson was in Tennessee. Later he set the entire house on fire with the help of a delayed inflammable object. Their bodies were identified later by the police in the burnt house. James ran away after abducting Hannah. The police got the information that he might have gone in the direction of West Coast. The police department began their long search for Hannah and her kidnapper.

Hannah AndersonHannah will appear on NBC to thank the public for their support and faith and talk about the misleading news report. Initially Hannah thought herself to be a victim but after the help she has received from the people around her and the sympathy they extended she considers herself to be the survivor.  She tells NBC that the Amber Alert system really proved its worth in saving her. He is grateful for it. She more grateful to her mother, who has single-handedly raised her to be strong and confident.

Paradoxically James DiMaggio left a sum of $112,000 life insurance policy for Hannah and Ethan. Initially the money was in the custodian of James’ sister but it was handed over to Bernice Anderson, Hannah’s grandmother in the year 2011. A family member of James said that he wanted Bernice to take care of the children with the help of the money. He could not entrust the parents with the money as he suspected that they could take advantage of it. Besides the Anderson couple was having marital problems.

Andrew Spanswick, the family member of James said it very clearly that they do not challenge the insurance policy, but they want the authority to do DNA test so that the money can be handed over to his biological children. As a premise he added that The Anderson couple did not marry until 2002, so there is a probability that James is their original father in addition to that it is a strange co incidence that James left a horde of money without any reason.

Answering to a query for the website, ask.fm Hannah said that she suspected James to be a psycho. He had revealed his feelings for her, which was more of a protective shield than anything illegitimate. She did not complain about this to her parents because he had great rapport with her father and she did not want to spoil it for her sake. Hannah is satisfied that he ultimately got what he deserved.

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