OK you don’t need to be conscious about your thin body type. You can still say him ‘yes’ for a date when he ask you for a day out! You don’t need to tan your skin by going out for shopping an outfit. You can buy salwar kameez online from Indian store and get it delivered at your home in 3-4 days. There are reasons to wear salwar kameez- number one is your thin body structure or flabby body type. Just in case you don’t have a perfect body size that doesn’t mean you can’t look good in any outfit. Salwar kameez will hide all your body flaws and reveal the beauty and charm in extraordinary way.

To Look Pretty On A First Date- Buy Salwar Kameez

Things you can do to look pretty in salwar suit are-

Make your body look better

To look better, you must pick the right outfit for the day. Make sure you select the best color and well-fitted outfit that suit your body type and enhance your beauty without revealing the flaws. How to do it? It is not so hard- if you are short, you can pick a suit of length just below your knees. This will give you taller look. If you have flabby body, you can skip sleeveless or puffy sleeves kurtis and pick long sleeve design instead.

Pick the color that suits your skin tone

If you are dusky and want to have a fuchsia color dress, we personally advice you to drop the idea as it won’t suit your skin tone. Try dust pink or lotus pink and rust red shades. Even some pastel greens and yellows may suit your skin tone. Fair skins have to deal with lesser limitations.

Don’t overlook the ‘bottom story’

Churidar, salwar, plazzos and pants are the part of the bottom story. You must know which one is made for you. If you are tall, you can try plazzo or pant and churidarpujami. For short height girls, salwar is the best bottom to pair with knee length kurti.

Don’t get accessorized too much

Too much accessories will make you uncomfortable. Remember ‘lesser the accessories, more you will feel comfortable going out’. Keep your look simple with basic make up and accessories. Wear kajal, earrings, and a few metal bangles to complete your desi look.

Always remember these discussed things when you buy exclusive rang of Salwar Kameez online from Indian store.

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