With its irregular shape, ginger may be more difficult to peel. But underneath the thin skin layer, we could find a damp, yellowish flesh with its distinctive smell. Like many roots, ginger could provide us with multiple long- and short-term health benefits. One common benefit is that it helps our body to absorb and assimilate multiple nutrients. We could also use ginger to clear respiratory channels, especially if we are affected by throat congestion and sinus. For centuries, ginger has been used to treat flu and colds. To relieve nausea, patients could take ginger post surgery. Ginger is also useful if we don’t want to be bothered by motion or air sickness during a trip. Mild positioning could be used to treat mild food poisoning. During their menstrual cycle, women could use ginger to relieve associated symptoms, such as cramps and headaches. Flatulence is another problem that can be solved with ginger. By taking ginger regularly, we should be able to relieve the problem. In general, ginger is a non-invasive pain reliever that is useful for many people.

Fresh, dried and powdered ginger

Ginger is known for its warming properties and it’s a good idea to put ginger tea in a thermal container when we go outside during the winter. It’s generally a better alternative drinking alcohol or hot rum toddy. The warming effect of ginger lasts longer than hot chocolate, tea or coffee. After a period of heavy physical activity, we should be able to soothe aching joints and muscles. For people who experience discomfort and pain, ginger tea could also offer pleasant, warm sensation throughout their body. Ginger is appropriate for migraine relief, because ginger effectively stops prostaglandins in inflamed blood vessels. Ginger should be able to use to relieve pain caused by diabetic nephropathy or kidney damages due to diabetes. Ginger and other related roots are also studied for treating rheumatoid arthritis, which is a common form of disease that affects many people. This disease affects both young and old people. After reaching advanced stages, toes and fingers could become disfigured.

Osteoarthritis is another form of joint disease, which is caused by overuse. It’s often indicated by pain on our main joints and more severe cases, there could be swelling. This should be treatable with ginger. Cancer is a deadly disease that can affect our body in many different ways. It is shown that colon or ovarian cancer patients are able to find relief by consuming ginger. In fact, continuous consumption of ginger could reduce risks of colon cancer. For people who want to feel a bit more amorous, should consider sipping a cup of hot ginger tea. After awhile, this should get them going. Ginger contains mild aphrodisiac. Grated ginger could be sprinkled liberally on various dishes. Asian foods are particularly ideal for ginger inclusion and if we want to gain more benefits, we should consider adding more ginger to these dishes. Ginger candy is a convenient way to consume the root and the warm sensation could provide an overall relief.

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