When it comes to beer, there are several theories claiming that consuming beer in moderate doses can be quite healthy for your body. Is this really true and should beer be consumed for health reasons? In order to understand and answer this question, one has to know that beer is an alcoholic beverage which has many different types. Also, depending on the type of beer, there are different health benefits. But these below listed are general benefits which come from almost any type of beer, if consumed in a moderate dose.

Beer is Rich with Antioxidants

If you want to stay healthy and prevent any potential cardio arrests, you should definitely get enough antioxidants to keep your body healthy. One way of getting enough antioxidants is through beer. Believe it or not, but most beers are rich with antioxidants and are proven to help fight off cardiovascular diseases. Remember to consume beer only if you are an adult and in moderate dose.

B Vitamins

Did you know that back in the 20s doctors used to prescribe beer to all the pregnant women? And here we are, almost a century later, with the lower average age limit than people used to have 100 years ago. Beer is a known source of B vitamins such as niacin, riboflavin, vitamins B6 and B12, folate which prevents birth defects of the brain and spine, and pantothenic acid. In fact, a single dose of beer (12 oz.) fills the body with 12.5 percent of the required dose of Vitamin B6, which is great for keeping the heart and cells healthy. Drinking beer makes you stay healthy.

Health Benefits Of Moderate Beer Consumption

Proteins and Silicone

Being rich with whole grains, cereals and in some cases veggies, beers tend to be very rich with proteins. Especially if your daily protein intake is low, a can of beer can help you regain lost proteins and keep your muscles strong and relaxed. Also, beer is rich with silicone which helps you strengthen and improve your bone matrix quality. This means stronger bones and more bone strength, which results in less injuries and better physical performance, but a recent study has shown that people who drink more than 2 servings of liquor per day have weaker bones and density. Therefore, drink moderately and responsibly.

Kidney Stone Prevention

Did you know that by drinking beer you reduce the chances of getting kidney stones by the outstanding 41 percent? A recent study in Italy proved that duo to beer’s content which is mostly water and thanks to its diuretic effect beer has an incredible power of cleaning your kidneys and prevents generation of sand and stone minerals. The same does not go with sodas and other liquor, only beer has this amazing power.

Time to Restock

Now that you have found out all of the positive sides of drinking beer, don’t you think it is time to restock? There are many quality beer specials waiting for you in your local liquor stores or supermarkets. Remember to drink in moderate doses, which are usually one or two cans of beer per day. This will give you the best benefits of drinking beer, and your body will become richer and healthier with every new sip.

As you can see, the answer to the question is YES, beer does make you healthier if consumed moderately, and beer should be consumed for health reasons. Yet, always bear in mind that more than 2 cans can easily reverse the effects.

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