With millions of gurus surfacing to teach you how to craft your tweets for higher click-throughs, a paper flyer seems like a relic from a different age in business. However, printing services still have a place in an integrated and diversified marketing plan. Whether you are working on a big budget or just kicking off, below are four great uses for print media that will generate new customers and help build your brand.

Offer an incentive.

The first step in marketing is getting customers to seek you out. Once people are aware of your business they can always hit your website for more information, then you can engage them in a conversation. The initial contact, though, doesn’t need to be online. A printed coupon or newsletter can drive people to your store or site as a purchase incentive. Unlike later communications that will focus on building a relationship, the incentive is simply about getting the word out there and making the push to get people interested in your brand.

Avoid over-familiarity.

Online browsing allows for very targeted marketing, from banner ads that know which sites you’ve visited to Facebook advertisements for engagement rings when your profile changes to “in a relationship.” The latter has a tendency to border on unsettling or even creepy, meaning that many customers are ready for marketing that is less personal and more informative. Instead of emphasizing the data you have on the customer, a brochure or newsletter focuses on developments within the company and the quality of services your business can offer.

Create a concrete reminder.

A website and a good email marketing campaign is without a doubt the best way to drive online sales and traffic. But for networking events and chance meetings in an elevator, don’t underestimate the importance of a sharp business card. Whether you go for something practical or completely unique, make a memorable, easy-to-read card that potential clients will want to hang on to. You don’t necessarily have to invest in stainless steel or edible business cards, but put effort into the design and printing so that your business appears professional and creative. Reflect the personality of your company to build an instant brand and make a strong impression.

Reach a specific demographic.

A local editing and tutoring firm was having a lull in business and chose to post flyers around nearby universities during finals week. Sales soared. When you need to reach a target audience at a certain time, sometimes the best option is to reach them geographically. Colleges are extremely protective about their email lists, but their campuses are always open. Reach animal lovers at a local dog park or foodies at a community tasting event. With print media, you can go directly to potential customers instead of waiting for them to go to you.

Print media works best as part of an inclusive marketing campaign. Any brochures or business cards should lead directly to a site that matches the aesthetic and feel of the print campaign. Since they require funds to produce and are impossible to change once distributed (unlike a typo-ridden blog post), professionalism is key. Double and triple check the text for accuracy and style, and use a designer that understands your business to create a visually compelling piece that sums up and showcases your mission and products.


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