There are a lot of website design companies to choose from, and it can be difficult to find the right one capable of meeting your requirements. That’s why it’s very important to come up with a list of questions to ask before hiring a web design company, and here are some of those.

1. Are you capable of handling all the development work in-house? What is the size of your team and how long have you been working together?

Unfortunately, there are plenty of web design company that don’t even have an in-house development team. This should raise a flag, because there’s a high risk that the person selling you the website doesn’t even understand the technology behind it. Not just that, having a middleman between you and your developers can lead to disastrous results since you’ll be buying the work from a third party you know nothing of.

It’s important to ensure that the web design company you’re going to hire has their own team of web developers. Wherein, if a team has been together for several years, then this can give you the guarantee that they’re capable of offering a reliable web solution.

2. How do you price your services?

Keep in mind, you’re buying a professional service where a team of web design experts should be putting time to design, plan, develop, and manage the design of your website.

That said, they should give you an idea of how much you’re going to spend for the project and if they do offer a flat project rate that’s connected to their detailed agreement. Likewise, see if the overall pricing of the project matches up with the hourly rates and deliverables that were agreed upon.

3. Do they offer a warranty?

A website can be compared to a car– no matter how good you take care of it, sooner or later, it will need some form of maintenance and support. Every single day, the World Wide Web keeps on changing; browsers are being updated regularly, new viruses begin to emerge, and new functionality is being developed. That said, although your website might be performing remarkably well, it can be broken tomorrow. That’s why you have to prepare yourself for the ongoing costs, and hire a company that would be willing to handle that kind of problem.

4. Ask for their track record.

Aside from asking how much their service would cost you, it’s important to determine how reliable the company is. As a business owner, you should feel at ease knowing that the web design company is someone whom you can rely on and they have the skills to produce the outcome you want.

Don’t be afraid to ask about the type of clients they have worked with in the past, the kind of results they managed to deliver, and if they have any proof to support that?

5. How do you track the success of a website?

There are a lot of ways on how to track the success of a website. This could be through the conversions, traffic, sales, and the like. Whatever the metric for success may be, it’s important that the web design company you’re going to hire has their way of tracking your website’s success.

Make sure to ask these questions before you hire a web design professional. If you get the right answers to these questions, you’re sure to hire the best one who’s going to put your company’s best interests first.