Best SEO ProfessionalNowadays, it’s rather clear even to those not interested in the business scene that the IT industry continues to thrive, even in spite of the fact that the rest of the economy is still tangled up in the throes of the aftermath of the recession. Networking is a spectacularly efficient tool, as is solid SEO knowledge, in the context in which the world seems to be continuously expanding, i.e. information is becoming more largely available. That being said, finding a good SEO agency or freelance professional is not a process to be approached lightly, if you’re considering setting up a solid online marketing or advertising campaign. There is a method and a strategy to it, according to the top experts in the field of digital publicity, and here’s a brief summary of how to go about it.

  • Know thy network. Aside from professionalism, availability and trust are essential in setting up a work relation. For this reason, the first and often the best place to start when looking to hire a search engine agency is to peruse your social network on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Specifically target individuals and organizations that have SEO listed on their profile, but also don’t shy away from directly asking for recommendations. You don’t necessarily have to hire someone on the spot, as a result of such research, but it always pay off to consult with the people you know, be they online or off-line friends, business contacts, or members of communities you frequent.
  • Network professionally. SEO professionals, like most other experts, sometimes congregate for networking brunches, conferences, or other industry events. While it might be daunting to approach someone in their own territory, it can also be extremely profitable. Such events will also allow you to get a feel of the talent pool, as well as to target certain individuals, whom you hear speaking on news and trends in the field. Another good pointer for attending events is to consult with professionals in IT companies who don’t necessarily provide SEO services, but who will most likely have some good recommendations to make, based on their own prior experience with this kind of talent.
  • Extra, extra, read all about it! If you’re willing to outsource your tasks via the web, then one of the best places to start looking is your favorite SEO and online website or blog. Read comments, check out the forums and the Q & A sections and you’ll start noticing some recurring names. People who participate in professional communities demonstrate much more than prowess in their field of activity—they also prove they are active, involved, genuinely interested in what they are doing, updated, and, if anything, able to recommend like-minded professionals whose talents you can surely benefit from.
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