Farming is a tedious task. It involves so much man power, physical activity and long hours of work. It is a process that needs to be followed strictly in order to reap results. There are so many factors that need to be considered. Farming is the reason why we have food on our plates, a stocked fridge and aisles of supplies in the supermarkets. Farming requires several investments to start with. A fertile land needs to be purchased to begin. Then, supplies to start farming have to be bought. It can be the seeds, the fertilizers and other such sowing elements and the machinery and the equipment for sowing, reaping and harvest. The investment is huge but once it is set up, the fertile land will show the benefits of all the effort that has been put in.

When it comes to getting equipped with all the machinery, conscious attention needs to be given in order to develop a strong collection that not only lasts long but is useful for all the right reasons. If you go wrong in this part, you will be causing more damage than profit. It can turn into a nightmare if one of the parts malfunction or is not fixed in the right manner. Tractors are crucial in farming; they help in so many ways at the farm and to transport goods or other carts. Tractors must be very well tuned and maintained with all the crucial parts fitted to perfection. In this article, we will be talking about one such important part. It is called the Tractor Top Link.

A Tractor Top Link is a part of a three-point hitch that is used for attaching any kind of ploughs or other attachments to the tractor. Clearly, it is the most crucial part of the attachment as it needs to hold it together. A top link for tractor is the upper centre arm of the hitch and it is movable. It is not a part of the tractors hydraulic system and it can be removed from the set up if required by the user of the tractor.

Despite its very basic size, a tractor top link can be used in multiple ways (it depends on the purpose of using the top link for the tractor as well):

Fixed: Despite the attachment can be moved. It is fixed at a length and its stays just at that point.

Float: Here, the length of the attachment does not stay in the same length. It changes with respect to the push and pull of the attachment while the tractor is in use.

Adjustable: As the name suggests, the operator who is using it can adjust the length of the attachment as and when there is a need to do so.

A Tractor Top Link is essential for the proper and effective functioning of the three-point hitch and care must always be taken to buy the best quality to ensure prevention of any damage or malfunction.

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