Some collectibles always hike in value. And who would not want to cash in on home collectibles in future? The value of collectibles will be influenced by many factors including their rarity, age, their condition, and their demand. Irrespective of all these factors, there are a couple of collectibles that will always shine. We’ll take a look at them here, but remember that you don’t always need to be fresh off of winning the lottery in order to be able to afford an impressive collection. There are a multitude of people out there who do the legwork and find antiques and collectibles are very reasonable prices, having done their research beforehand to know just what they’re buying. It’s way easier to get ripped off than it is to find these diamonds in the rough, so listen up!


Sculptures are symbolic; they represent different beliefs in different cultures. While there are sculptures everywhere in the world, those of Asian and African origin tend to be more valuable thanks to the diverse cultures of these continents. The value of a sculpture will be determined by its material (wood, ceramic or stone); its content (an animal, a god, a hero, a warrior); its preciseness and perfectness (whether the sculpture resembles the real item) and its size. Having a good sculpture in your home is like having a gold bar in a vault somewhere; its value skyrockets with time.


Childhood toys had to be on this list. According to Sarah Fysh, operations manager of Value My Stuff, childhood toys are the next big collectibles. Micro-machines are good examples; these childhood toys rocked homes between 1980 and 1990. Today, these toys cost up to 200 pounds ($308). People buy into their nostalgia; they want to evoke childhood memories. It is up to you, grab some Pippa dolls or some Disney Junior and McDonalds’ characters, and you won’t regret.

Dinner and Silverware

If you love your kitchen, then you know the value of your china; they are just priceless. In most homes, these are used only on special occasions as they are fragile. The value of dinner and silverware is determined by the material, the styling including shape, the patterns and inscriptions on them and their size.

When procuring your silverware collectibles, look out for seamless glasses like the Moroccan glasses, French bowls or other dishes that carry meaning in their print and material.

Photograph Prints

Nothing will take the place of a well-crafted photo hanging on your wall. It’s like a treasure buried in the deep of a forest. A photo print makes your wall look splendid while igniting imaginations of what the photo portrays. Photo crafts are timeless and are not about to lose value. For extra creativity, you can have an artist re-draw a photo of you or your family, or you can choose any other photo prints that awaken your feelings.

Gems are everywhere; you only need to open your eyes to their value then grab them while you still can. The collectibles listed hold their value and are cherished items that many families keep in their possession for generations.

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