Have people ever thought about learning some positive life skills from a game? One of the most popular games among people is football. There are many people who passionately watch and play football game. However, there are some ardent lovers of this game who do not only play or watch this game rather get injured by this game and spread positive messages about this game among others. They keep talking about the positive aspects of this game and encourage others to love this game Jonathan Bunge is such an ardent football lover who does not only love to watch and play his favorite game but he also shares his views and perspectives with other football fans through his personal blog. Do not misinterpret him as a blogger or professional writer because by profession he is a driver. He has quite busy schedule but for his game, he always takes out some time. When it comes to pen down his views and updates on personal blog, he writes in very attractive style to keep the readers engaged with his blog.

Jonathan Bunge Inspiring Messages About Football Game

What does he write about?

He does not only write about football because he also loves tattoos, martial arts and travelling (his profession). Therefore, he writes about blend of the topics, most of his topics cover informative topics so that readers can get detailed information about particular topic. He passionately supports his home town football team, Cleveland Browns, and teaches both old and young people how important message this game has for them. Jonathan Bunge truly emphasizes in his blogs that a person can learn decision making skills, endurance, physical ability, risk taking ability, perseverance and coordination. This game teaches a lot to the people.

Winning or losing: In this game, the only thing that matter is your hard work and dedication that you put to play this game. Win or lose do not matter because ultimately at the end of the day, you will rejoice that you played hard and gave huge competition to your competitors. This way people can learn the art of playing instead of focusing on winning or losing.

Stick together: This game teaches you how to stick together and importance of being stick together with each other. This is completely a team game wherein each player needs to coordinate with each other to perform well. It inculcates building relationship and interaction in the children. Therefore, Jonathan Bunge suggests people to integrate this game in their life. It is very important that people do understand the value of this game so that they can lead to a happy life.

He always writes about the latest happening in this game. Thus, he keeps other fans updates about this game. Plus, he also writes about his travel experience to different places. He has travelled many places and embraced various vibrant cultures that he shares in his blog apart from football. People love to determine real message from his blog and encourage their children to play football to stay healthy and fit.

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