Patients seeking an effective solution for eliminating fine facial lines and wrinkles, and/or who want firmer looking skin, now have more options than ever before. Botox was once the go-to standard for patients (a majority of who are women) wanting an affordable and efficient plastic surgery procedure, but with the era of the facelift, it is far from the only one today.

The vast array of facial lotions and creams available at your local supermarket can only go so far when it comes to eradicating loose skin. Although they can indeed improve complexity and light blemishes, there are no alternatives to facelifts when the end goal is a skin tightening and toning.

How long should I expect my Liquid Facelift results to last?

With that, liquid facelifts are classified as any procedure that involves the injection of a product intended to achieve one or more of these effects. Generally speaking, these operations entail the insertion of a combination of fillers, Botox being a popular one.

This is a sound non-surgical solution that requires a lot less in-office and post-recovery time, thereby making it incredibly popular among a growing base of plastic surgery clientele throughout the country!

Of course, the question on every prospective patient’s mind is, “how long will these amazing effects last?” Before anything else, it needs to be noted that liquid facelifts are not meant to produce permanent results.

How Long Do The Effects Of Sculptra Liquid Facelift Last

  • Since Sculptra is intended for the treatment of deep facial depressions, patients must undergo multiple sessions.
  • Most doctors schedule each session roughly 4-8 weeks apart to ensure sufficient healing and optimal collagen production.
  • The average patient requires 3-6 sessions for noticeable results to occur; it is at this point that the face will lift up and become fuller.
  • The results of the entire treatment (all sessions) last approximately two years, depending on how well the patient’s body interacts with the injectable filler.

No Liquid Facelift is ever permanent

You will want to have reasonable expectations about the procedure beforehand, so the fact that most of the effects will wear out after a few months to a few years is an important one to keep in mind.

You may be wondering why the timeframe is so diverse, and the answer lies in the particular products your plastic surgeon uses during the injection process. Shorter-acting agents are less expensive than their longer-lasting counterparts, and the decision as to which ones to use will be left to your doctor’s discretion.

In addition to the types of fillers, the injection site and frequency of future touch-up treatments will also have an effect on the result length. To provide some insight into the filler and injection products currently available, those containing hyaluronic acid (e.g. Belotero, Restylane, Juvederm, etc.) typically provide results between 8-10 months.

Ask your Doctor about the Specifics

Due to the lower cost, most people are comfortable getting annual touch-up treatments, especially since this means not having to hassle with an invasive operation.

Certain products will interact differently with each patient, since all of our bodies are unique. This is why having the procedure performed by a highly qualified and experienced surgeon is essential.

Each individual case is different, so the best thing to do if you want to know what to expect, is to ask your plastic surgeon during your initial consultation. At any rate, you should have no problem enjoying firmer skin for no less than 6 months.

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