The beauty industry offers you three positions to work in: commission-based labor, renting or owning your own business. Commission jobs are known to promote the idea of a steady income, but the problem they pose is working for long hours for a particular business and that too with having them market their own products. Whereas an idea of freedom seems to be associated with booth rentals, limitations associated with a booth setup include more costs and still working for someone else. However, when you talk about a salon suite rental people refer to it as the best of both worlds. This is due to some reasons. This opportunity while being cost-effective, helps you reap all the benefits of owning your business. This gives you the liberty to advertise your own products in a private space and operate as an independent salon professional.

There are no shared spaces within the salon suites, and all professional are at liberty to run their own business on their own terms within the same building. This is the perfect opportunity for people looking to be their own boss within the confines of their own dedicated personal space. Other amenities that come with a salon rental are a clean environment, security, and all resources necessary to lead you as a successful salon business. Being your own boss bears so many perks including:

  1. Work for Yourself, Not Another Salon
  2. Offer Desired Services at a Beneficial Price
  3. Set Own Work Schedule & Hours
  4. Work in a Private, Personal Atmosphere
  5. Market the Business to Generate a Unique Identity
  6. Experience Increased Client Privacy
  7. Build Your Client Base
  8. Gain Opportunities for Continued Education

In salon suites, the building tends to be full of complementary professionals who make referrals easier to be obtained from surrounding businesses. Most of the iStudios are suites that are competitively priced and offer opportunities for the creation of unique look and feel. Furthermore, you will be provided with necessary assistance to kick-start your business. In fact, when you work with a partner who is equally invested in your venture as yourself, the results are incredibly rewarding.

Most salon suites possess all the necessary factors that help you make the transition into a successful salon owner. There are no limitations like time restraints like with a commission-based income or a revenue loss that occurs in case of booth rental. Renting a salon is clearly about being your own boss and gives you the liberty to market the products of your own choice. Among the countless perks offered in salon suite business, keeping 100% of the revenue you generate seems to compel most people towards it.

How to Overcome the Fear of Being your Own Boss?

The idea of owning their own business often scares people since the beginning steps can be considerably exhausting. Since the project is not confined only to find the right location but also to make the necessary customization and make the essential service es available. The idea of salon suites seems fascinating as you can immediately open doors to customers as soon as you rent the place, but it is a little more complex than this. There are a number of additional items that need to be checked out before you start your own business:

  • Product Selling & Placement
  • Business Costs & Rates
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Furnishings & Equipment
  • Licensing Forms & Processing
  • Marketing Strategies

The tentative list, though a little long, seems achievable when you put a partner into this equation who understand your potential needs. Most of the salon suite owner lend a helping hand to kick-start your business not only to make sure your business is a success but also to make it everything you dreamt of.

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