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How To Ensure You Do Not Spend More Time Than Required At Work?

Everyone wants to shine in his or her career and for this overworking or spending longer time at work is something that cannot be avoided at times. While occasionally staying longer than usual at office is not that bad, ensure it does not become a recurring thing with you. There are employees who want to walk the extra mile to get in good books of management. For this, they seek to exceed set limits for them and end up spending hours at office when others have left. However, it is prudent that you do not let the work jeopardize your personal life. It is necessary that you keep track of time you spend at work.

Why you should be Mindful of Time Spent at Office

When you end up spending long hours at office it can take a toll on your personal life and health in more than one ways. You can develop symptoms like RSI or frequent back and spine aches can affect you. It can affect your eyesight especially if you need to spend long hours starring at the PC monitor in cramped cubicles. When you return home late, there is no energy left in you to do household chores. It has been seen that employees who sped long hours at office suffer on social front as well. A section of them become so obsessed with work, everything else becomes secondary. You tend to become tired at most times and appear irritable to others.

How To Ensure You Do Not Spend More Time Than Required At Work?

Ways to Reduce Spending Excess Time at Workplace

When you calculate ad find out that you spending excess time at work, it is necessary to find ways to resolve the issue. While workloads will be there, you can find clever ways to spend less time while not affecting productivity and quality of work.

Set Separate Time for Emails

Wheel checking emails and replying to them is a part of work in many offices. Let not allow this to consume a lot of time every day. Set a specific time, maybe before lunch, to cater to this need. When you revert to your mailbox every now and then it gobbles a lot of productive time.

Handle Mobiles Appropriately

You may not even realize how much time you end up speaking on mobile while working. Make this clear to your friends and others that on working days, you are available only at certain times on mobile. Keep mobile in silent mode when you work to avoid distractions. It may also be a good idea to activate voice mail on your number when you are really busy.

Don’t get Distracted by Social Media

In an age when people get little time to socialize, social media has emerged as a viable digital alternative to keep in touch and interact. However, social media can also act as a major distraction for you at office. Resolve to resist the temptation of checking in Twitter and Facebook or similar accounts while working.

Learn how to Prioritize Work

This is very important when you want to save time at work. You may have a number of assignments that need to be completed within a stipulated time. However, you have to prioritize among them. Chalk out which assignment needs to be completed first or has deadline a few days ahead. Make a list and complete pending works as per deadline and priority instead of juggling all at the same time.

Devise new ways of Concentrating on Work

If you find yourself unable to concentrate on work and end up getting late, think of new ways to eliminate issues. Some people find working while playing light music useful in this regard.

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