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Commonly Used Steroids

Steroids are synthetic products that are used for different purposes. Some people such as athletes and body builders use steroids to boost their body strength and build muscles. Doctors have been known to prescribe steroids for certain conditions like anemia. People all over use steroids for different purposes and this will depend on what they want to achieve. There are many steroids available in the market today. Steroids have had different side effects on people. This varies from one person to another depending on one’s body type.

Commonly Used Steroids

The commonly used steroids are the anabolic steroids which are used for body building by many people. There are other steroids also used such as some vitamin supplements to help boost the health of one’s body. Here are some names of the most commonly used steroids.

Types of Anabolic Steroids:

Some of the most known legal anabolic steroids are the testosterone. They help you increase the testosterone levels in your body. They help stimulate the production of testosterone. This will help in the building of body muscles. This helps one to be more aggressive in the gym and other activities. Although it helps in building the muscles, it has been known to give side effects to the uses. Some people have had a lot of moody changes will have no effects at all.

Another type of commonly used steroid is the nandrolone Deconaoate also known as Deca Durabolin or deca. This is used to help in gaining muscles at a slow and steady pace. It is one of the most preferred steroid by body builders and also athletes as it is very effective and powerful. It takes a couple of weeks or days to actually see the results compared to the other steroids. Nandrolone also in some cases has help people cut excess muscles.

Anadrol-50 is another commonly used steroid. It has been used medically to increase red blood cells in males. The drug has severe life threatening side effects on the liver and is highly advised not to be used to athletic purposes. This drug is used to help people gain weight they have lost either due to certain medical conditions or other factors. Not every user will have medical conditions; some simply want to add weight

Boldenone also known as Ganabol is among the most uses anabolic steroids for bulking up muscles. The uses get a faster muscle build by using less effort. It has proven to be most effective in building up muscles quickly.

Stanozol also known as winstrol, stanozol Depot or winstrol depot is used builders and also athletes to achieve great before and after effects. It can be administered through injection, orally or through pills.

Androstenedione is a diet supplement also called Andro. This steroid is used by builders and athletes to gain strength and built their bodies. It has been banned in some of the countries like the United States of America. Some people taking Androstenedione do not know they are talking steroids. It is presented in the market in such a way that there is no clear line between whether it is a dietary supplement or it is a steroid.