Raipur may be considered amongst the top when it comes to the list of commercial and industrial cities, but it does not come anywhere close when we talk about tourist destinations in India. Much of this state is due to the Raipur tourism not pushing as well as it should because Raipur also has its fair share of places to see and beautiful natural beauty which, if managed properly can turn into a tourism goldmine.

Raipur is not just an industrial city, there are places and spots around the city which could possibly prompt turning into probably a very popular holiday destination. You could take a trek from this city and appreciate the excellent thick green timberlands and take a visit round the manufacturing plants and the numerous parks, greenhouses and exhibition hall around the city.

Raipur is among the wealthiest urban areas and India’s greatest iron and steel market; there are around 200 steel moving plants, 195 wipe iron plants, more than 6 steel plants, more than 60 plywood production lines, 500 agro-commercial enterprises and more than 35 ferro-composite plants and more than 800 rice processing plants. All major cement producers from India additionally have a main factory in this city. In the event that you are intrigued by production of things from scratch, you will be captivated visiting one of the factories.

Raipur has different celebrations and occasions. One celebration worth encountering is the celebration of Pola. This celebration is committed to bulls and amidst the celebration, youngsters are skilled with mud bull icons and a few stimulating occasions are held. Upon the arrival of Pola, the bulls are first given a shower, and afterward embellished with adornments and shawls. Their horns are painted, and their necks are enhanced with laurels of blossoms. At that point, they are worshipped by the owners.  The work of beautified bulls, joined by the music and moving, is completed in the nighttimes. The main bullock to go out is an old bullock with a wooden edge (called makhar) tied on its horns. This bullock is made to break a rope of mango leaves extended between two posts, and is trailed by the various steers in the town. The request of the dairy cattle is frequently demonstrative of the social remaining of their proprietors in the village. In a few towns, fairs are composed with various displays and competitions.

The festive season is the best time to visit Raipur and there are flights and trains that come in and go out from all major cities. Major airlines like Air India, Jet Airways and IndiGo operate flights like Raipur to Mumbai flights on a regular basis.

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