The engineering field is one of the more creative fields that offers a life of jotting down ideas and executing them in succession. To fulfil these needs, it takes precise knowledge of the subject as well as the ability to realize the difficulties that may arise by following a path to get there.

The CBSE Board, understanding that the students have to be prepared for such situations if they want to be a success in the field, has laid down one of the toughest Engineering entrance examinations- The Joint Entrance Examination(JEE).

The Best Stress Combating Techniques For JEE Applicants

The complexity of this exam is so set as to distinguish the better quality students from the thousands that apply. The exam has

  • 90 questions each of 4 marks
  • Negative marking (-1) for every wrong attempt
  • Questions ranging from deriving formulae from the basic ones to questions that are rather tangential to the syllabus.

These ought to have increased the stress of clearing the exam by a student whose aspiring to get admission in a good college to pursue his dream of becoming an engineer. But with sincerity, hard work and smart choices, the student will be able to more than clear the exam but pass with flying colours. The best techniques to be followed to save the student from stress and anxiety are:

  1. Prepare a well thought through timetable

Time and tide wait for none; but if you make use of the time in your hands well, there’ll be no doubt of you clearing the exam. Balance your time between college hours and IIT coaching centres appropriately and make sure you assign at least 2 hours of the day for self study. Also make some time of the day for exercising for better peace of mind and you will hence be able to concentrate better. Be true to your time table and take the necessary steps to complete the planned tasks for the day.

  1. Be wise with your choices from the very beginning

Choose the appropriate IIT coaching classes that suit your needs and your timings. Be sure to pay attention to all that’s being taught. Don’t regret on joining some commercial coaching institute later that is not beneficial to you and end up wasting your time there.

  1. Keep a track on your syllabus completion

Always be updated with how much you have completed and how much is left. Remember that a topic is really completed only when you’ve conceptually understood its aspects and incorporation in practical day to day routine. For this, first read your CBSE 12 syllabus thoroughly and then go on to attempt JEE based questions on that concept. Even if you study limited concepts, ensure that you’ve done them thoroughly and you can withstand any question of the type.

  1. Don’t attempt questions you have knowledge on

The JEE question paper is elaborate and has equal weightage to Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Always attempt those questions which you have prepared thoroughly first. Questions that seem to be bouncing on the top of your head, leave. The wrong attempt will cost you a negative mark on the otherwise attained marks and can create a huge difference in your rank.

  1. Have fun with it and don’t stress

Don’t be overly hyped on completing stuff and doing them just for the sake of it. Put your heart and soul to it and also concentrate on what you’re doing. If you’re really interested in entering the engineering field, you would rather enjoy what you’re doing. It’s very interesting after all.

The JEE can really be a life-changing experience. Preparing well for the exam and increasing your knowledge on different topics can result in the student pursuing his dream to become an engineer very easily. However, over stressing due to the complex structure of the examination will really get you nothing.

Convert this energy on rather clearing your conceptual understanding and covering your syllabus. But, if you keep a very casual attitude towards the examination, it won’t be beneficial in any way. Sincerity and hard work are the main essence of this examination so put them to use and get a step closer to achieving your aims.

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