Arthritis is actually a term used to describe more than one hundred existing conditions that may include joint inflammation, stiffness and pain. Common remedies for combating arthritis are by having enough rest and eat a well-balanced diet. However, this health condition is more complicated than it seems. There are things that we need to consider, as an example, fish oils can help us to deal with many arthritic conditions. Other than having well balanced diet, people should also increase their calcium intake to reduce the risks of osteoporosis. Other things to consider is avoiding crash diets and fasting. People with arthritis need to avoid alcohol and they should drink enough plain water. Weight should be maintained within an ideal range, so it is important to reduce fat consumptions. Before understanding arthritis we should know about uric acid, which is one of waste products in our body that’s normally excreted with the urine. However, people with gout and arthritis could have higher level of uric acid in joints, causing inflammation and pain.

How To Reduce Arthritis Pain

There are things we should do ease the symptoms. We should avoid easting shellfish, such as crayfish and prawns. It is also necessary to restrict the consumption of alcohol. Offal or organs of the animals are rich in uric acid and we should avoid them. There are some types of fish that contain more uric acid, such as anchovies, sardines and mackerel. Beer, vegemite and other yeast produces should be avoided. People with arthritis also need to take their time while eating and remember not to overeat. On the other hand, it is a good idea to eat specific food to lessen the symptoms. Other foods that we may need to consume include linseed and we could also use oil products from this type of seed. Some oily fishes can really benefit us, such as from salmon and sardines, because they are rich in omega 3. Walnuts are an alternative sour of omega 3 and it is also advisable to choose canola oil for our cooking purposes. Fish oil supplements can be beneficial, but we should make sure to avoid some fish oils that contain excessively high level of vitamin A. Omega 3 can help us lessen pain caused by inflamed joints.

Omega 3 is very beneficial fatty acid because it can lower the amount of inflammatory molecules that are produced by our immune system. Diet change could also help us manage risks of asthma and prostate cancer. We could also use other supplements, such as chondrotin and glucosamine that are proven to reduce pains on people with arthritis and gout. However, we should make sure to consult our doctor before taking any kind of supplement. Obesity is also related to arthritis, especially because the extra weight will put more pressure and strain on our joints. Extra load will affect our spine, knees and hips, increasing the likelihood of arthritis and inflammation. We should consult our doctor on how to reduce weight properly.

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