Fish oils are known for Omega 3, which maintains the smooth process of our nervous system. Omega 3 and other essential fatty acis could facilitate nerve transmission and they are especially important for seniors, because nerves degenerate progressively. Also, Omega 3 helps us to prevent inflammation and people who consume little essential fatty acids may not respond well to bumps. Nerves are coated by fatty acids for extra protection. Older people tend to complain about pains in their body and it’s probably because they have less than ideal fatty acid levels. In this case, we should make sure to have pain-free life and proper functioning of our nervous system is important. Essential fatty acids are typically found in our brain, so taking enough Omega 3 could prevent carious degenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Fish oil could also help us regulate internal circulation and it’s less likely for our arteries to get clogged. Lack of blood could cause cell death in heart muscles, resulting in permanent damages.

Health Benefits of Fish Oils

Fortunately, our body could try to repair the damages by making additional blood vessels to circumvent choked off arteries. It’s also known as collateral circulation and essential fatty acids are needed for the process. In this case, we should try to keep our arteries clear, so blood can flow smoothly. Omega 3 also allows our blood vessels to relax and constrict properly. It means that our heart can work well, depending on the requirements. Omega3 also improves our endocrine system, which is needed for hormones production. If hormone production is abnormal, it’s possible for women to experience problems, such as irregular menstruation, difficult menopause, severe PMS and excessive testosterone production. Omega 3 found in fish oil prevents this problems from appearing and we will have well functioning hormonal system. As an example, it will be less likely for people to have thyroid gland problems if they consume enough Omega 3. It is also responsible for carrying oxygen through red blood cells. Any cell in our body requires enough oxygen to work properly.

Fish oils are essential to maintain proper fluid balance and kidney functions. As an example, people who have swollen legs and ankles could be caused by fatty acid deficiency. Our blood pressure could be affected if our kidneys are not working properly. As an example, if we want to maintain a stable blood pressure, we should make sure that there’s enough Omega 3 in our body. People who have degenerative diseases are likely to consume less essential fatty acids than required. It’s never too late to allow our body to heal, by preventing the spread of virus and bacteria. Without enough nutrients, our internal system will fail to break down, so it’s important to protect ourselves today. This should allow us to prevent disease and pain in the future. It’s possible to prevent many modern diseases by allowing ourselves to get enough nutrients and good fatty acids. This will improve our life expectancy and people could become healthier.

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