The corporate image is one of the most important intangible assets for any company. It is the way we are perceived, our business card, what our organization represents for society. It must not be neglected at any time, and if there are errors, they must be corrected quickly and efficiently.

But how do we improve the corporate image of your company? But, there are many ways to improve the corporate image of your company. One of that is through corporate trainings. Corporate trainings are offered by private firms like Inventateq, and are designed to improve the qualifications and skills of your employees.  Whether your employees want to update their skills with Python training or software testing courses in Chennai, Inventateq offers a wide range of training modules and options. By investing in your employees, not only will you be improving their morale, but you will also be able to take advantage of the improved skills of your employees. There are many other ways to improve the corporate image of your company. Here are some that you should know about.


Are you sure that people see you as you would like? Be honest with yourself. Self-criticism does not make us weaker, but it is the starting point to become stronger. In this sense, and with all sincerity, you must ask yourself the following question: are you sure that your corporate and marketing strategy is reflecting the image that the company intends to transmit? Have you been sufficiently consistent in the message? Do all the factors of your communication keep coherence? Analyze those points where you think the company or organization is failing and then contract them without fear, first with workers of the company and, later, with external people who know the product or service.

Get feedback from your target audience

We all like to be adulated, but if we want to achieve improvements in our communication strategy we must be objective and have a representative sample of our target audience. The feedback they can give us, good or bad, is pure gold for the company. Criticism will help correct our corporate image strategy. Ideally, the interviewer should be an impartial person, so resorting to a communication consultancy is highly recommended to hit the nail on the head and begin to build a successful strategy from the beginning.


There’s no legacy richer than honesty. This phrase of William Shakespeare is as valid today as it was in the sixteenth century. Errors are forgiven, but lies, half-truths and dishonesty cost a lot to repair. In addition, they can compromise the corporate image not only in the short term, but in the medium and long term. This must be reflected in the communication strategy.

Be proactive

Especially in periods of crisis or recession, inertia leads to a certain pessimism and inaction. Be it in social networks, in advertising or in communications (both internal and external) be proactive. Anticipate problems, offer solutions and assertively manage criticisms. A company that hides generates distrust: one that listens and gives answers to its public to improve, arouses sympathy and confidence.

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