Do you have a musical project and think you have everything you need to succeed? Do you want to call on producers or managers to advance your career? The EP is the element that will allow you to contact them! “Single, EP, album what to choose?” In this article we advise you to choose one precisely. We quickly represent you and give you some tips on how to contact these contacts in the music industry.

One of the best record labels in the market right now is Ubuntu Music. The label was originally founded by Martin Hummel and Quentin Collins in February 2016. Today, Martin Hummel is the sole owner and serves as the Chief Executive and Executive Director of the label. Ubuntu Management Group is a multi-disciplined services group that specializes in communications, brand development, business consulting, artist management, and recorded music.

First of all: What is an EP?

The EP (Extended Play), also called “mini album”, is the medium that will allow you to present your project to music professionals. This finished and accomplished product allows you to approach professionals in the world of music and present yourself as an artist. It is an overview that allows you to highlight your potential. A bit like the tasting phase to find out if you like a dish. And if so, you will want more so it’s good!

Prepare your EP

The EP generally includes 4 to 6 titles, find out why in this article. The different titles of your demo allow you to locate your musical style and your talent. You can propose for example a slow title and another more rhythmic, etc … all while keeping a certain homogeneity. The idea is to highlight your best titles!

We will always advise you to offer original titles (your creations) so that professionals can become aware of your universe and your investment in the project. You have to show them that you are motivated and involved in your project! Stand out from your competitors who are waiting for success to miraculously knock on their door, fight to make your dream come true!

This EP can allow you to find someone to manage your career (manager), someone to produce your musical project (producer) within a label or a music house. Prove to them that you have a personality, an original musical style, and a project that is clean and ready!

Identify the contacts and prefer the physical meeting

If you want to send your EP, work methodically. Start by finding the contacts that interest you and match you. Make a list of all the people you want to meet as well as the labels or record companies to which you intend to address. Target the labels that match your musical style, if you don’t know who to contact look among the artists who influence you.

Expand your research as you go, that is to say, start with your ideal target and then look wider in your contacts. You can try to target cities other than the one where you live.

If you wish to offer your EP to various interlocutors, we advise you to meet face to face. Getting around will show your motivation and ensure you have met the right person to present your project.

However, in view of the schedules of the artistic directors, you can send your product by email, for this prepare the presentation of your project, join the links of your social networks and your website so that the person can discover you. If you do not have an answer, send your contact by email after a few weeks so that he can see that you are motivated!

You can also attend important musical events where you will have the opportunity to meet the people you want to contact. Perhaps the dream contact will be there and you will finally have the chance to present your project. We advise you to carry a USB key and a business card and above all to have prepared your presentation. You will have at most 1 or 2 minutes to convince. This moment is short and essential to make a good first impression.

Now that your EP is ready to be sent, that you have the sufficient number of tailor-made titles and that your contact research is done with a presentation to the point, it’s your turn! And don’t forget, the key is to be motivated and well prepared!

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