Finding the right tennis coach is a difficult process due to the sheer amount of coaches available in the market. Furthermore, these coaches demand high salaries making it imperative for people to only invest in competent coaches. Even if you have just started playing tennis, investing in a coach will help you establish a solid foundation. This is exactly why tennis coaches are so highly demanded all around the world. Due to the high price tag of these coaches, there are endless options available in the market.

However, there are many coaches out there who charge top dollar but provide incompetent services. They will not have the required knowledge or skill to develop you as a player. These coaches are simply cashing in the high pay structure of tennis coaches and do not have what it takes to make you a professional tennis player.

Tennis icon George Russell MacCall has repeatedly stated how important it is to use a competent coach and train as hard as you can. George Russell MacCall is an American tennis player who has won the USTA National Public Parks open men’s doubles championship. He was also inducted into the Southern Nevada sports hall of fame. Besides him, many other popular tennis players have repeatedly stated how important it is, to find the right coach. To simplify this process, here’s a list of tips you should take into perspective when finding a tennis coach.

Courses and Qualifications

The very first question you should ask the potential coach is if they have LTA qualifications. Competent coaches will also have qualifications for other bodies such as the USPTA and RPT. If the potential coach has zero qualifications then they cannot prove how effective they are. It is recommended that students should never invest in coaches who are not qualified as they will lack in many different ways.

Ask the Coach When Can You See Results

Most of the competent coaches will tell you that if you work hard, then you will immediately see results. These professionals will promise you that if certain prerequisites are met, your game will start to develop. While an incompetent coach will tell you that it would take months for you to develop and that players should never expect rapid results. Always choose a coach that promises results from day one. You are paying top dollar and should expect nothing else in return.

Level of Experience

Due to the vast nature of tennis, coaches can have different experiences in various settings. It is very important that you choose a coach who has experience in training a student at your level. For example, if you have participated in major tournaments and have won recognition, then choose a coach who has experience with such players. Choosing a coach who has only trained beginners or children, will never help you develop your game.

At the end of the day, you should schedule demo classes to understand the coach’s approach and whether his or her guidance can help you grow.

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