Many social networks have risen to the fore. You must have seen several social platforms rise to success very quickly, while there are others that fall into oblivion. Several features of dominant social networks that allow them to take the lead in the online arena. One of the best up and coming social networks you might want to sign up for is ConnectSocial Inc. It’s a great network that was created by Tariku Bogale—the founder and CEO of ConnectSocial Inc.—among several other companies. Tariku’s idea behind ConnectSocial Inc. was to offer a safe and secure platform where people can meet online without having their personal data shared or leaked to marketing firms. Here are some key features of powerful social networks that you should know.

Simple user interface

A clean, clear interface that is free of difficulties is essential. It is not only for a social networking site but for any web page in general. All the most popular social networking giants such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram, retain a simple and easy user interface so most people can adjust to it without putting in much effort. The designation of color for the social site is usually very sober.

The objective is not to complicate the users, but to help them with the necessary features that define the network. In order to make the content accessible, it is necessary to pay special attention to the interface to subtly separate the pages of visual content with the use of smooth or elegant lines.


Due to the massive amount of information available on social networking pages, good search performance is mandatory. In addition, search performance on the site must be disseminated to find the best social connections, such as groups, communities, companies, among others. In other words, it should be easy for users to look for and connect with others on that platform.

One of the best search functionalities is to have a search box that works in real time based on a filter. As the beneficiary underlines a text, the drop-down menu of the search results should help the user to find the content that he or she is searching for. Likewise, special attention must be paid when raising the search results site. A well-designed page helps the user locate what they are looking for. These are just a few of the many features that you could find in swiftly expanding social networks like ConnectSocial Inc.

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