If you are planning to take some screen shots while using your Windows 8 OS then no worry anymore as Movavi has come up with its latest screen capture software which is really easy to use and comes with plenty of functionalities.

Follow the steps and you will be a pro in Windows 8 screen capture.

1. Download Movavi Screen Capture Studio

First things first, download the application and run the installation setup. Remember that since you are using windows 8, the pc will automatically turn into desktop mode. The whole process will take a few minutes only and after it is complete, the program opens all by itself

2. Adjusting the Capture Settings

You can adjust the capture frame by yourself. Other than that you can select the size of your choice from the list showing Select Capture Area. You can record the sounds by selecting the audio device required. It can be your microphone, speaker or from both. All you have to do is put a tick on the icon of the source you need.

You can even make your screenshot more informative by highlighting the cursor. You can also capture many actions on the keyboard by clicking on the related icons.

How To Screen Capture Using Movavi

3. Record the Activity on your Computer Screen

Once everything is set to start recording, click on the REC or press F10 and the capturing program will start automatically. To switch to the Start screen, press the windows key. Now that you have captured everything, press the F10 key again to stop the recording process. There will be a window for the preview and from here you can choose the fate of your recording. You can save it, share it or keep it to work in the video editor.

4. You can Edit Your Video

The preview window will have an edit button. From there you can add the recorded video to the Movavi Video Editor. All you have to do is drag the video to the working space below and now feel free to edit it. You can trim it, insert transitions,split into segments, apply effects and add titles or music.

After you are done with editing, click on the Save Movie button. You can now save it to your pc, upload it in your mobile share it online or burn it into a DVD.

5. Save the Video

There may be cases where you don’t need to edit the captures you made on screen. In that case skip the 4th step and soon after you finish recording, save it or share it online. You have to choose the preset you want from the list present at the bottom of the window where preview is shown. Click on save.

Since the Movavi Screen Capture Studio comes with many ready-made presets for you, make sure that you are choosing one that is perfect for viewing on a device and for uploading it on the web.