Androgynous look is commonly defined as women who to look more like a man. There are many fashion apparels for women with this preference. They can elevate the power of women with amazing styles that can suit all tastes. Overall, androgynous look is a great way to have an alternative look and it is usable for both casual and professional settings. There are many stylish alternatives that are usable for classic work suit.
Androgynous looks should keep ultra feminine fashion while we are on the catwalk. We could see trends toward brash, bold statements and nipped tailoring, which change the way many of us dress.

How To Wear Professional, Androgynous Clothing At Work

Office dress with androgynous elements can be fashionable and fun. While still be considered as formal and professionals, these clothing styles may break the boundary between play and work. People could appreciate us for friendly, smart and professional appearance. For many people power dressing is often considered as scary, but it can help us balance our look.
By wearing androgynous elements, it doesn’t mean that we want to look fierce in front of our colleagues, but more likely because we want to stand out. We can match our look with current work mood and still make big impressions. This should be the essence of power dressing. This can help us to impress the rest of our colleagues or stubborn clients with our ideas.
In general, we should choose clothing style that continuously oozes confidence. Power dressing is best combined with fearless attitude and confidence to achieve convincing appearance. Confidence can help us look like what we want others to see.
If we unsure about baring our legs, we could choose trousers and leave those killer stilettos in our drawer, especially if we don’t want to topple over in the boardroom. We can combine pointed heels, slim leg trousers and subtle pinstripe to achieve slimming, feminine look. If we prefer high heels, we should choose chunkier heel instead of stiletto for more steady and stable walk.
Blazers and jackets should be nipped at our waist to accentuate our flattering curves. We could choose bolder colors underneath, such as empowering orange or ambitious shades of red.
If we are not sure about the color to choose, it is acceptable to choose monochrome, which is usable in any season. We could also experiment with pinstripes and white lining. Consider adding chic to our black suit with bright crisp shirt and a thin white belt. It is a good idea to wear anything too patterned or derailed when we adopt power dressing style.
If we want to appear bolder, we shouldn’t let our clothes steal the show. It is a good idea to choose high-waist pencil skirt and classic tailoring that we feel most comfortable and confident in. During work, we should keep accessories and jewellery to a minimum. However, we could still bring a leather handbag to emphasize our confidence and silver jewellery to add some subtle sparkle.
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