If you’re from another country and you recently moved to London, you may be a little intimidated to ask a local on a date. You may not know the local dating scene and have no idea what is an interesting place to take someone who is from the area. This can easily be remedied by looking for a guide to dating in London on the internet. You may be able to find a guide that is specially tailored to what interests you, be it the night-life, museums and historical locations, or fun and adventurous activities. The point is, if you are willing to meet singles in your area but are nervous to do so, get a guide!
Local Dating Doesn't Have to be Scary
This guide could be your holy grail when it comes to helping you meet locals. Some guides have a breakdown of popular local dating hot spots, like what clubs are particularly popular or what pubs have a good reputation. I mean, you wouldn’t want to try and to meet local people who are in a bad side of town—you never know what kind of situation you could be putting yourself into.
Let’s say you’ve got the guide and it doesn’t have anything useful in it. Then what do you do? Well, you can try going online to find some local dating sites that can help you meet singles in your area. There are dating sites that are tailored just for out of town folk. The people who are a part of these sites want to help you meet local people and show you what makes London special. You may even find that the people you meet on one of those local dating sites could be the love of your life! You ever know!
Now, it’s not difficult to meet locals in all honesty. They are no different than the people from your home country. They may have slightly different customs or phrases to describe things, but that’s about it. One thing that goes far with new people is manners. No matter where you are from, manners is always important to people.
There may be a section in the guide that will help clear up some of the common phrases or customs that you may have if you’re not from the country. Not only can the guide help you to meet local people, it can give you an insight on local dating etiquette. In some cultures it is expected for the man to open doors for the woman; whereas other cultures it is not a common practice. It’s also like some cultures expect the man to pay for everything and others it is expected to split the bill. This guide to dating in London could be very helpful in that respect as well. You wouldn’t want to go on a date with someone and not bring your wallet and then have to pay. That would really be a bad impressing on the local Londoner and then where would you be! Probably back to where you first started—afraid to meet local people.
By Rachel Blais, CheekyLovers Community Manager

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