Are you having trouble finding the perfect gift for a man on your shopping list? Perhaps he appears to have everything you can think of, which leaves you scratching your head trying to figure something out. While it may appear that he has everything in the world, there are probably at least a few things he has not thought of yet. Here are some tips to help you find that perfect gift, and one specialty gift that is sure to be a hit with any man on your shopping list.

The Gift For The Guy Who Has Everything

Think Outside the Box

When shopping for the guy who has everything, the trick is to think outside the box. Chances are that he is the type of guy who simply goes out and buys the things he likes; which is why he already has everything. Your job is to try to think about things he would like but that he would probably not buy for himself.  You can also consider purchasing him a better version of something he already has. For example, he may already have a pair of leather gloves. However, does he have a pair of leather, tactical gloves that can withstand freezing temperatures?

Consider His Interests

You also want to think about his specific interests. Ask yourself several questions about him, such as what type of work is involved in his job, what are his hobbies, what does he like to do when he is not working. This might give you a clearer idea of what things he usually purchases for himself. You can then look online to see if any new products are out or try to find something you think he may not own. You should also try to remember if he mentioned anything about something new he wants to try or a new hobby he wants to start. If so, you can purchase a gift that encourages him to start this new interest.

The Perfect Gift

There is one gift that is perfect for almost any man on your list. A multi-tool pocket set. Whether he likes to spend time in the outdoors, likes to make things with his hands, does repairs around the house, or likes to watch his football games while drinking beer, this pocket set it the perfect gift. The tool set is small enough to fit in his pocket, toolbox, or glove compartment of the car and includes practically every tool he would ever need in an emergency. These tool kits come with different tools, but can include pliers, wire cutters, a hammer,  crimper, knife, saw, cutting hook, and a bottle and can opener, all in one little tool. Even if he already has a small pocketknife, you can give him a better product with more tools for him to use.

If the man on your list does not have one of these, you should certainly consider purchasing one. With so many tools in one little product, you really cannot go wrong. The one thing you want to do is ensure that you purchase a high quality multi-tool set because it is likely to get a lot of use and will last for years to come. He will appreciate the time you put into finding him a gift that he does not already have.

Byline: Written by David Cormier, a disaster awareness expert and father of 3.

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