With different fitness fads, the spinning classes with spin bikes have also caught on. Indeed, it has been a one up on the traditional yet boring stationary cycling exercise workouts. However, one might consider the pros and cons of spinning classes before they decide to take them up.

Spinning or stationary cycling is an in thing to try out in the fitness studios these days. Not only will it help you imagine that you are part of the cycling team, but help you gain all the calorie burning workout you need independent of the weather, unlike outdoor cycling. At the same time, you could be moving to great music.

Spinning in group classes

As compared to personal training sessions, the sessions with these bikes are group sessions that are held at certain timings during the week at fitness studios. The classes are held at specialist studios that are equipped with the special spin bikes designed to hold group sessions. It is also considered to give you a balanced blend of calorie burning workout along with fitness and strength. There are certain advantages and limitations of spinning classes that one should know about before embarking on a spinning routine.

Advantages of spinning

If you are considering spinning classes, here are some advantages that will surely encourage you:

  • The group dynamic is the main advantage when you join a spinning class. Working out in a group can lead to a higher level of motivation and enthusiasm, especially when you see others pumping away and you are motivated to push yourself as well. The whole group is guided through the session by a trainer with great music in the background and one will not be looking at the clock to end the session which is something different from the usual boring cycling sessions.
  • The sessions are fun and inclusive, which increases the level of motivation in the participants. You are bound to not miss a class when you are working out in a group. At the same time, there are no competencies levels that you need to have from before. The low impact exercises keep you safe from injury and the monitored sessions ensure that you warm up your muscles before you start pushing them harder.
  • Controlled sessions are another unique advantage of the spinning classes. Unlike a solitary workout session in the gym, you will be guided by an instructor who can intervene in case you are doing something wrong. Usually the sessions are pre planned and the way your workout session will progress is planned by the instructors. Hence, all you need to do is focus on the workout regime and not compete with the person next to you.

Limitations of spinning

While spinning classes are great, there are certain limitations to consider which is inherent in this type of workout. As we already spend a lot of time sitting, the workout regime again forces people to sit and work out. Even though cardio vascular fitness is reinforced as well as legs toned in these sessions, you might be neglecting fitness of the upper body as well as the core muscles. For these reasons, simply opting for a spinning class might not help one to get fit overall. Again, there are certain techniques in cycling like the way to place your feet on the pedal, how to give pedal strokes and sitting positions. One needs to ensure that posture is right when sitting on the spin bikes. If these points are not looking into by the coach, one could end up injuring themselves which will not be beneficial in the long term.

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