Humidification is a matter of serious concern and it is required for production facilities, storage and factory processes so that the relative humidity is on the right levels. It should also control the static electricity. A common fact observed is that most facilities lack perfectly working air conditioning systems or air treatment systems.  The truth is that factory humidification should be given concern such that the factories and warehouses should be installed with good humidifier suitable for industrial installation.

Role of Humidity for warehouses

The inventory is stored for months or for a longer time in warehouses. In fact, the shipping materials such as cardboard cartons and product packaging are also stores in the warehouse. In case such warehouses lack humidity, everything will become brittle.  The inventory may crack due to lack of moisture.

Dust is also an issue in the warehouses. Nevertheless, proper humidification is the only way to keep tiniest dust particle away from the air, thus improve the health of employees and benefit the stored inventory by slowing the shop-wearing process.

Humidifiers are required to ensure the air has the required moisture to prevent problems. The industrial models are controllable and thus no need to worry about too much moisture.


There are benefits of factory humidification:

  • The factories may get affected due to static electricity owing to low humidity and may result in shorts in equipment. If the products in the factory involve manufacturing electronics, due to static, the stock may get destroyed. Thus, running a humidifier ascertains right moisture content in the air.
  • Low humidity also trouble human respiratory system by causing irritation. This increases the respiratory diseases in the employees, thereby the productivity lowers. Therefore, keeping the humidity at proper levels ensures good employee health, enhanced productivity and obstructs spreading germs.
  • Air conditioning bills drain company finances during summers. But, if humidity is in level, it is easy to keep the bills down by cooling the air. An industrial humidifier cools greenhouses that help eliminating the air conditioning.
  • Lowering cooling bills represent reduced energy usage that is best for the environment. Thus consider factory humidification using humidifiers featuring efficient technology.

Why consider a Special Humidifier?

Industrial humidifiers have several advantages than the residential ones, such as you can control the humidity produced, thus you can prevent corrosion and also do not end up causing mold due to moisture.

The industrial grade machines have clog-resistant nozzles, resist soiling, are in stainless steel and feature easy cleaning. Besides considering a special humidifier for factory humidification helps as it produces droplets that quickly evaporates and it does not settle on the equipment, parts or inventory.

There is added advantage of the small droplets produced in the system. It kills mold and germs, besides eliminates fine dust. In fact, machines producing larger droplets may not enjoy the same effects.

Buying a good factory humidification system means it should require minimal maintenance. It should also enjoy high uptime so that the productivity does not suffer at any point of time.

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