There are many concerns that can be stressful for single parents. Having to make sure your child is getting to school on time, working, financial stress over loans and debt consolidation, and feeling ‘guilt’ for different reasons are all different ways in which a single parent can get frazzled. Making sure your child is safe in the home shouldn’t have to be one of those stresses, you already have enough to deal with and handle. Here are some tips that can help you pump up and improve your home security and give you peace of mind whether you are at home having fun with your child, or away from home:

Reach Out to Neighbors

One of the best ways to help protect your family if you are a single parent is to reach out and work with your neighbors. If you have to work irregular hours or leave your house unoccupied for long periods of time, it is a good idea to talk to your neighbors and have them help keep an eye on your house while you’re gone. You can also alert them if your child is going to be home alone for a while or what times they are supposed to get home from school/practice so you can rest a little easier knowing that your child is being watched by a trusted neighbor while you are not at home. Also, becoming a part of the neighborhood watch or starting a neighborhood watch is a good way to help protect your home.

Invest in Security Alarms

The best way that you could help protect your family is investing in a security alarm. Home security alarms can offer many different protections and give single parent homes a way to prevent break-ins and other emergencies. With a home security system, people can be alerted the moment someone breaks into the home, if there is a fire that has started, if there is a carbon monoxide leak, and much more. It is also good to teach your child, if they are old enough, how to run and use the alarm system in case an emergency happens and you’re not home or are incapacitated.

Home Security Tips For Single Dads

Check Doors and Windows

A good part of a nightly routine before you go do bed is to check all of the doors and windows to make sure they are locked and working properly. Some homes may have window and door locks that have not been updated in quite a long time. Checking these locks regularly can help you keep updated on making sure that your locks work perfectly. If these locks are not regularly updated, it can leave your single parent home vulnerable to break-ins.

Make Common Areas Well-Lit

From garages to front entrances, and main hallways to back yards, if you don’t have proper lighting it can leave you and your child potentially vulnerable in the dark. One great way to deter possible burglars and intruders is to make sure that the exterior or your home is well lit, especially the areas you use frequently. Motion sensors can be great for these lights because you can save some electricity but also be able to have good lighting should you choose to go outside.

Get a Dog

A great way to help ease your mind about home security if you are a single dad is to get a guard dog. If you are afraid about break-ins and wanting extra security for your child, investing in a dog is a good way to help protect them. Not only are dogs good for protection, but they are also good companions and friends for your child and family. Some of the best dogs for protection are Bullmastiffs, Dobermans, and Rottweilers.