When it’s a weekend and you all are free because you don’t work on weekends because it’s your days of rest, it’s probably a time to think of some fun activities you and everyone can enjoy. It’s the most fun, getting every one together, maybe getting some drinks in you, and making that Saturday and Sunday be the most fun of all time ever. So if this sounds good, having fun with your friends all weekend long, but you don’t know what to do, then you just have to try some of these great ideas for making a long weekend even longer, making it the most fun ever. Because after all, don’t we all want to have fun because you only live once? That’s right: we do.


Something that everyone likes is food. So what better way to make a great weekend then by filling it with all the best foods you can think of. One thing is a great BBQ – you can get hot dogs and burgers from the store and have everyone bring beer and snacks and there you go, you have a killer BBQ at your home and everyone will be together and having fun. You could also make a turkey because frankly we eat too few turkeys in this time if you think about it. It’s a great source of protein and the whole group can eat off just one turkey. Why don’t we make more turkeys, I honestly don’t know. If other people have a special dish they make, why not make a nice theme meal. Everyone can bring their specialty and you’ll be dining fine all Friday night!

An Away Game

Wouldn’t it be fun to get everyone together to go play a game somewhere afar that you might not ever get to go to? We’re thinking either a soccer game, or probably even better would be softball. You can even get a 12 passenger van rental and cram everyone in so that people don’t have to drive separately and go somewhere a few hours away for an awesome game at a place you don’t get to visit ever. There’s nothing like an away game of pick up softball to bring your group of friends together. You can a cheap daily rental at AvonRents. It’ll be fun and the pictures will provide memories that will last a life time.

Scavenger Hunt

Another fun weekend-long activity could be a really cool scavenger hunt that you set up for your friends. You can have fun planning it too, with a core of friends. And then when it’s time to get the scavenger hunt going, you will really have a great weekend activity. Of course it can involve drinking, that’s crazy, all scavenger hunts must involve drinking. It’ll be the best. And it can be a quarterly tradition, one for each season of the year. So much fun.

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