The newly released iPhone6 a few days back is a new sensation in the fans of Apple devices that give a complete new look for them including many features that are not present in the last version of he iPhones. The eyes of the fans of Apple are on the next upcoming release of the Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 8. There cannot be many changes in the ultimate look of the iPhone7, but there are a lot of expectations and speculations that can be seen in the final look of iPhone8. The new update will be released soon after the release of the iPhone7 and it is expected that it can be released with the new look of the device which has new look, new features and a lot of new designs in it.

Release Date:

The release dates of Apple devices are not that frequent compared to that of the other companies, but when they strike at the market, they will make a big change in the market and grab all the shares with a monopoly competition. Hence the designers at the Apple work really hard for the final output and they can get their hands off the device, but we need to wait for few more days for the final official release of the device. We will update it here in the site once we get the information from the official sources.

Also this time we may see some major changes in the release dates and the releases itself. This year we have noticed many releases like iTV, iWatch, iPencil on the same stage and hence we can also experience the release of the iPhone 8 and iOS8 on the same platform.


The compatibility of iPhone8 would be close to that of the iPhone6. We can make some generalizations based on the design of the iPhone6. The generalizations consists of some certain experiences like it will have a 128 GB RAM and will also have a resistance from water.

Camera of iPhone8 – Lapse Mode:

As per the close sources of our network with Apple Inc, the company is designing a new app for the betterment of the camera this time. We have already seen a better camera in the release of iPhone6 and it will be better than that in the release of iPHone7. Eventually when it comes to that of Apple iPhone 8 Release Date, it will be more with 14 MP main camera and 4 MP rear camera. With these details of the camera, the user will have an amazing experience with Apple.

SMS and Phone Calls on Mac:

This is another feature that we can see in Mac and iPhone. Coming to that of iPhone8, it is going to have an extra application for the purpose of sending SMSes and this feature is going to be an unique experience for the users of iPhone as it will have an extra tool like iMessages which is a compatible tool.

Coming to the price of the device, the eventual price of the  device is not yet decided and it can be out at anytime this year and more news yet to come out on this site. Just stay tuned for the space.