Music is a beautiful thing. It is practiced in all cultures and all languages, and of course, all continents too. It enables the ability to feel things that you may have thought could not be felt and it also enables one to express them tons better. Music allows all to come together and increases a sense of unity. However, one specific genre of music has often garnered a bad name and bad attention for itself only because of the fact that it is often only played in parties. But is it really all that bad for you, or is that just a false accusation?

Electronic Dance Music – The Underdog

Contrary to popular belief, electronic dance music is not bad for you at all. As a matter of fact, it has its own long list of benefits that can actually help you become a lot healthier in general. There are various benefits, including help in dealing with social anxiety, keeping you fit, positive psychology and many other advantages that you can obtain easily. EDM is actually one of the more positive genres and is often compared to rock music.

Furthermore, the list of benefits that one can obtain with electronic dance music is extensive. EDM is known for the way that it increases the flow of dopamine to the brain, which is a chemical that is very good for human beings and helps generate and increase positive feelings and emotions. EDM is also one of the most famous music genres as of right now and has many people practicing it.

Although there are thousands of EDM artists, the young duo of two brothers, namely Sam Dehko and Jordan Dehko, is garnering a lot of hype lately. The pair is 17 and 19 years old and has been polishing their DJing skills since the age of 12. The two brothers are Detroit-based and have also sold out several independent shows at this supple age alone. They aim to become even bigger than they are right now and wish to collaborate with other DJs while also doing shows internationally.

Should You Listen to Electronic Dance Music?

Absolutely, yes. EDM has plenty of benefits and is actually very good for one’s overall health. In fact, electronic dance music can also help calm the nerves of an anxious mind and cause them to enjoy a much more relaxed and serene state of mind in general. It is also one of the best ways to really start connecting with other, like-minded individuals if you’ve faced that problem in your life before. This happens through the love of the same kind of music, which helps everyone connect.

Furthermore, if you’ve been questioning the benefits of electronic dance music, let the aforementioned points make it clear to you that electronic dance music, is in fact, good for your health and it is not bad. At the end of the day, it’s all about whether you prefer this music genre or would rather opt for soft and serene tunes instead.

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