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Different Types of Amplifiers

The amplifier is a device that helps increase the amplitude of a signal with no change occurring in the other parameters of the waveform. This includes the frequency and wave shape. The amplifiers are the most commonly used circuits in electronics and also are known to perform a variety of functions with the many electronic systems. There are many different types of amplifiers to become familiar with.

Many of the components in an analog TV receiver are amplifiers. You will also come to notice that the names usually indicate the type of amplifiers. Some of these amplifiers are the true amplifiers, while the others have extra components to modify the basic amplifier design for a specific purpose application. The method of using the relatively individual electronic circuits as building blocks to create large and complex routes is common in almost all electronic systems.

Computers and microprocessors are usually made up of millions of logic gates and other components, which are basically specialized types of amplifiers. If you wish to learn about electronic projects, then recognizing and understanding basic circuits is an essential step. Different amplifiers are present for different applications. An amplifier is usually labeled by the type of signal that it is made to amplify. Often this refers to a band of frequencies that an amplifier will be able to handle and the function that they usually perform in the electronic system.

Audio Frequency Amplifiers

These are used to amplify the signals that are in the range of human hearing, which is approximately 20Hz to 2 kHz. Some of the Hi-Fi audio amplifiers for further than this range all the way up to 100 kHz range, whereas the other audio amplifiers may restrict the high-frequency limit till 15 kHz or less. The audio voltage amplifiers usually are used in amplifying the low level of signals from microphones and disk pickups. Through extra circuitry, the amplifiers also perform several functions like tone correction, equalization of signal levels, and mixing different inputs. The amplifiers usually have high voltage gain and medium to high output resistance.

Intermediate frequency amplifiers

These are the tuned amplifiers that are used in radio devices, radar devices, and TV sets. The real purpose of these amplifiers is to provide the most of the voltage amplification of the TV or radar signals, before the audio or video signal is separated from the signals given off by the radio. The frequency at which the amplifiers operate at is lower than that of the received radio waves, but it is significantly higher than the audio or video signals that are eventually produced by the system.

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