You might be completely taken by the before and after filler transformations on celebrities, influencers, and even your average boys and girls. These pieces of evidence might make you want to jump into getting a lip filler for yourself too. However, before you get into the whole procedure, there are a few things that you need to be aware of.

This is even before you go to a doctor for consultation. Choosing the right doctor is also imperative since you will need to find the ablest person give you advice on the right filler to choose. You will need to do consistent and careful research to find the right fit for you because you will be bearing the results of the craft for a long time for the world to see. There have often been instances of allergic reactions that have left the person with a long term bruising or scars because they did not put in efforts to choose the right doctor.

Research the Doctor

This is the first and foremost step to take before getting started. It is something that a lot of people regret no looking into as lip filer rookies. This usually results in a lot of disaster stories that might be entertaining for some, but are troublesome for the person experiencing them. Usually, the doctor would insert way too much filler and all in the wrong places, leaving you to bear uneven lips for an awfully long time. Going from dreams of having pillowy lips like Angelina Jolie, to odd-shaped lips can be a nightmare. To save yourself from such a trauma, it is best that you read the reviews, observe the pictures, and also make sure that that the cosmetic doctor is board certified. A professional will make sure that your lips remain balanced and also look authentic. Sure you might want to grab that coupon deal but what you want is to make sure that your doctor is well aware of what they are doing.

Doctors like Dr. Chloe Sylvestre are not too difficult to find. She is a graduate of the College of Physicians in Canada, a member of Canadian Association of Aesthetic Medicine, and also has a doctorate from the University of Montreal. She is the owner of Clinique Chloe, where she offers various treatments for the face and body. When she is not working in her clinic, she is public speaking and teaching on aesthetic medicine.

Take it slow

The good part about having fillers is that you can always add to them later on. Before you can even make an appointment, you need to think about how much change you want to bring in your lips. If you add too little, you will feel that you have wasted your time and money because you might not notice much of a change. On the other hand, if you add too much, then your lips swell up to an abnormal size, which would also be a waste of time and money.

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