Treatment of Sinus:

Many people suffer from Sinus at some point in their life and the recover from it without any prescribed medications. If sinus prolongs for more than couple of days, then it’s advised to visit the doctor – with good exam they will be able to identify the cause of the problem. Often, the best sinus treatment is a combination of medication and home remedies

Is It A Regular Headache or Sinus?

Home remedies: Prevention and treatment of sinus

  • Use humidifier: One should use humidifier to maintain the humidity of room during dry months as it keeps air moist, but it should be regularly cleaned as a dirty humidifier is a source of  spreading mold in air
  • Take steam vapors: One can either inhale steam with menthol in the water or take hot water shower as the steam vapors help to reduce the congestion in the nasal passage
  • Apply warm pads: One can use warm heating pads or  a heated wet towel on face to relieve some pressure and sinus pain
  • Drink plenty of fluids: Drinking plenty of water helps the body to remain hydrated and prevents the sinus from drying up. Moreover, usage of  caffeinated and alcoholic drinks should be avoided as it leads to dehydration
  • Flush out your sinuses: Usage of salt water helps the sinus to stay moist and clears out the debris and mucus. There are some ways to do it, but the saline water and net pods have proven to be the most effective ones. Daily usage of saline water is recommended during sinuses
  • Plenty of Rest: Once you have sinus infection it is suggested to take plenty of rest and allow your body to recover fully
  • Home to be allergy proof: Home environment should be allergy proof by getting rid of dust mites as it worsens sinus pain. It can be achieved by not allowing pets in bedroom, installing air filters and using bedding with allergen barriers
  • Reduce over usage of Over the counter medication: Taking OTC medication helps in relieving the sinuses pain, but one should remember not to overuse it as it can worsen your symptoms

These remedies help in sinus, but if the symptoms prevail for more than few days, it’s advisable to visit the doctor.

Medical treatment:

  • Painkillers: Over the counter drugs like ibuprofen or acetaminophen helps in easing out the sinuses but shouldn’t be taken for more than ten days
  • Allergy medicines: Sinuses can be result of being allergic to something, if you are diagnosed with allergies to a particular thing it’s better to keep environment allergy free and intake proper medication
  • Antibiotics: If your sinus is a result of bacterial infection then your doctor may prescribe antibiotics. The course of treatment varies from 10-14 days to longer durations
  • Surgery: If the sinuses return again and again then it is suggested by the doctor for surgery. During surgery blockages are removed and the sinus passages are enlarged, making easier for them to drain.
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