The cardboard box is probably one of the most important ingredients in the moving process. A Cardboard box is a shell that protects your furniture and appliances from damage during the removal process.

Whether you are moving your goods immediately or keeping them in storage, you should invest in packing boxes that can be stacked. It is also important that your boxes are strong enough to withstand poor weather conditions during spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Large Boxes

Large boxes are essential for moving home. This type of box is usually double walled and can carry a number of items. Big Brown Box, a cardboard box supplier from Glasgow recommends heavy-duty boxes as they “are the ideal cardboard boxes for moving, packing, storage and shipping!

Investing in heavy duty removal boxes means it may cost you more but they will be made from strong material that will ensure your boxes are kept safe during the move.

Cardboard Wardrobe

Cardboard wardrobe boxes are an excellent investment for those who own quality clothing which they would like to protect during the move. Cardboard wardrobe boxes give garments and suits space to breathe, leaving them to crease free and in pristine condition.

Cardboard wardrobes come intact with a hanging pole and sealable door, this means that they can be stored and transported in the safest way possible. Whether you are moving home or are packing items for storage, a cardboard wardrobe can be used to store clothes when they are not in season, such as heavy coats and bulky knitwear.

The Cardboard Box Check List You Need For Moving Home

Archive Boxes

Archive boxes are great for those with a home office. If you store some of your business materials at home then you will need secure, strong boxes to transfer your materials to your new home.

It is recommended that you invest in archive boxes that comfortably hold 7 x Lever Arch files or 4 x A4 box files. The average archive box should also take a weight of up to 12kg.

Archive boxes are also extremely easy to build and do not require packing tape.

as they usually come complete with an integral lid, printed content graph and cut outside handles. All of these extras make the lifting and moving process fail safe.

These boxes can also be ordered singularly or in multipacks 5 or 10 so you can order as many as you need. Archive boxes are also great for storing books, photographs and printed pictures.

The Cardboard Box Check List You Need For Moving Home

Packing Boxes UK

Buy boxes for moving that are a variety of sizes. It is common for a cardboard box supplier to have moving packs on offer that will contain everything you need for moving. These packages usually include all of the packing boxes you will need for moving house.

Big Brown Box highly recommend investing in a package “Ordering a complete house moving kit is a great way for you to buy cheap house move boxes and accessories as you save up to 30%.”

These kits come with all of the extras that are required for packing and moving and include: bubble wrap, packing tape, marker pens and a handle cutter.

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