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The Best places for a Romantic Getaway with your Loved one in India

Love, a meager one syllable word, yet is the most unstable thing that we’ve experienced. It comprises of a delicate mixture of sparkling moments of joy and a few agonizing gulps of remorse and tragic circumstances. As individuals, to create equilibrium between these opposing sentiments is our ultimate test and those who surpass it are those who’ve precisely understood the true significance of love. When we share this meaning with someone who comprehends it equally, a bond is created and, thus, we find our significant other. For this bond to bloom in its complete beauty, we need to nourish it with passion, compatibility and pure, old-school romance.

When it comes to romance and making passionate love, we look for the perfect setting and the perfect mood. Something like a candlelight dinner at a luxurious Indian hotel or an exotic rendezvous at a hill station is a few instances. You’re getting the idea, right? Who wouldn’t want to experience the passion and the love while indulging in a romantic getaway? Who wouldn’t want to be bedazzled by the very idea of letting go to love? Well, to make it is easier for you, here’s a list of the best places for a romantic getaway with your loved one in India.

Diving into the blankets in Shimla

Shimla could be your perfect destination to melt into your companion amidst the snow laden mountains and windy green savannahs. The land here proposes many enthralling views that cast a spell and put you into peace and calming silence. Don’t forget to take a cultural stroll through the architectural geniuses and pay a visit to its exceptional places.

Immersing into desires in Manali

Take a dip into the fascinating oasis of love at the glorious Manali, a hill station sheltered within the mountains of Himachal Pradesh.

Based near the northern end of the Kullu Valley, this place is encircled by enormous mountains covered in sheets of snow. Numerous cottages with scenic views of mountains and an immaculate atmosphere deem it perfect for your honeymoon. Manali also exhibits a myriad of activities for you to indulge in.

Surfing your passionate love in Allepy

A city in God’s own country, Allepy, is adorned with quaint waterways, backwaters, coastlines, lagoons, lush palms, and hushed backwaters.

This is the most recommended place for all the love-struck couples where they can savor the coastal delicacies, the exotic Ayurveda spa offerings, and the luxurious Indian hotels.

Kindling the spark in Udaipur

Who would want to miss out some royal romance in Udaipur, the Venice of the East? Sparkling lakes and the magnificent Aravalli hills, splendor , nd exceptional hospitality is what Udaipur serves you in silver plates. Made from white marble and remarkable luxury, the Lake Palace Hotel is a sight to relish. Particularly the night is stunning when the lake is set aflame with the reflection of the golden lights.

To make it much easier in choosing romantic destinations and/or Indian hotels, by keeping in mind your budget, privacy and having a memorable experience, StayUncle is here to help you spend a passionate time with your significant other. Make sure to contact us before planning to visit some of the above-mentioned places for a romantic getaway with your partner.

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