There are various approaches to compete with the marketing strategies taken by others in today’s highly competitive world. One such strategy is using funny vinyl stickers for cars. They not only bring a smile, but make a strong bond between the customers and product image.

Almost every organization uses this strategy for marketing its products. This is evident in the way they use funny stickers for grabbing the attention of children and adults.

Window Stickers for Cars

Since cars have become a successful marketing tool, the use car stickers have also increased with it. Such stickers are not only used on the windows, but also on bumpers, bonnet etc. However, nowadays stickers for windows are gaining more popularity as compared to others. These stickers are stuck or applied on car windows. The most visible example of this is the use of funny stickers by the companies dealing in cosmetics.

Making Car Stickers More Attractive

This is the important consideration for sticker making companies that how can they improve their stickers and make them more wonderful to customers and general public. The solution lies in making innovative designs and using the latest printing technologies. The car window stickers can be made with vinyl for increasing the durability of these stickers.

Another way of creating good stickers is by customizing them and putting one’s personal touch. The process of customizing a sticker is quite simple and cost effective. Various online retailers offer printing services for customized stickers. All you need is to decide the type of design you want to print on the sticker.

You can pick your friends or family members’ photo or name. Once you decide the required design, you must choose an online company for getting your sticker printed.

Ways to Remove Car Sticker without Causing Damage to Paint

First of all it’s important to know that vinyl slickers are quite adhesive such that these are meant for withstanding temperatures less than 40 degree Fahrenheit to more than 200 degree Fahrenheit. The adhesives used for sticking stickers to your car such that they do not let the stickers fall the vehicle.

Moreover with time these adhesives get more hardened that you can’t release the stickers at once from your car easily. Therefore, for combating these, you are required to use heat for getting the adhesives released from the stickers. You can use a heat gun with medium heat or a hair dryer with high heat for heating the stickers till they get soft.

After that you can slowly put off those stickers off your car window. It’s quite likely that there will be glue residue left on your car’s window. Therefore, you will be required by a glue remover. You need to apply that remover on the residue for softening it, and then make use of a stiff card, for instance a debit card for scrapping the glue off it.

Once entire glue is removed use a clean paper towel, which is well soaked in glue remover for rubbing off any left out glue.


Hope this guide will assist you with your funny sticker shopping! Get ready for personalizing your cars.

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