Bandung is often called the City of Flowers offers a variety of tourist attractions that can be visited during the holidays. The number of tourist attractions in Bandung attractive, along with delicious and unique culinary become the main attraction of this city. For place to stay, you can see at hotel bandung indonesia.

When you are looking for alternative places in Bandung, try 7 attractions following:

  1. Kampung Gajah Wonderland

Tourist attractions located in the area of open land of 60 hectares in the street Sergeant Bajuri very interesting to visit with family. More than 20 points of the game interesting, like the waterpark, Tubby Slide, outbound, ATV and serving delicious meals to choose from. This type of game provided enough variety so that the travel arena is suitable for children and adults.

  1. Saung Angklung Udjo

Cultural sights is very good for the baby’s education. Because in addition to learning about the local culture is very rich as puppet show, helaran, visitors can also enjoy a dish of orchestral music Sundanese angklung can even play together.

Many foreign tourists who come to this place so ensure Saung Angklung Udjo be your vacation destination with family.

  1. Floating Market Lembang

Want to enjoy special snacks Bandung in a unique way? Try to come to the tourist attractions of this one because you and your family can purchase snacks are scrumptious, being peddled by boat.

In addition to the floating market, at a tourist spot also provides a variety of games, feeding on fish, geese and rabbits are also strawberries and organic vegetable garden. Exciting is not it?

Each visitor entry fee is not expensive, and tickets can be exchanged for free drinks. Purchasing food is done using coins. But do not buy a coin too much, because the rest of the coins will not be refunded.

  1. Trans Studio Bandung

These sights are located precisely at Jalan Gatot Subroto, Bandung is the indoor recreation center (indoor) which is the largest in Indonesia. Various rides that would attract very exciting for you and your family who likes a challenge. In addition to the game, there is a performance at Trans Studio is not to be missed. Tickets can also be cheaper when purchased through a travel agency or group tickets.

  1. Home of Strawberries

This tourist spot on the street Sergeant Bajuri very beautiful and right to enjoy the fresh air with the breadth of strawberry plantations. If you and your family want to have a better tourist spot picking season so the kids can pick strawberries straight from the garden.

Besides plantations, children can play with various games such as playground, outbound and there is also a café and inn.

  1. Butterfly Park

Want to find a place of recreation as well know nature as a beautiful butterfly? Tourist attractions are located in areas Cihanjuang, West Bandung became a destination very interesting and educative for children can also learn about the various types of butterflies, how its life cycle.

In addition, there are also rabbits parks and playgrounds for children.

  1. De Ranch

These attractions are in Lembang with the nuances of the farm. Children can be stylish cowboy and ride a horse that must have been very exciting. Various games are available at this tourist spot open.

Hopefully this information is helpful to you in finding sites unforgettable vacation.

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